Grandma Is Trying To Set Me Up…Again

This white, rabbit-fur coat? It's a hand-me-down from Grandma! She's too fabulous I tell ya!

            Earlier today I spoke with my amazing grandma, Norma Jean. She’s the epitome of all things fashionable, fly and fancy and has her characteristic Gemini spin on it. She has a natural affinity towards all things entertainment-related and relationship-inspired. As a result, she is forever giving me home décor accessories, femininity-related tips and recipe suggestions.

            Above all of this however, she’s most inclined to give me dating tips, leads and prospects. It bothers her that I have not been in any serious relationships (that she knows of) within the past several years. If you’ve been reading this blog over the past few months, then you’ll remember this post where she gave my phone number to Trace and assured me he would be calling.

            This afternoon we spoke and as usual, she was up to her old antics. After catching up on our Easter-day activities and discussing the logistics for our road-trip we’re making this upcoming weekend, the conversation quickly turned to a new guy she’d be interested in introducing me too.

Grandma: You know something Ashley? I was talking to Ted (Grandma’s boyfriend) and he has a friend who’s grandson is just so handsome (or perhaps it was Ted’s son who has a son/son’s friend, etc…it got complicated. I couldn’t keep up). You know I thought of you…

Me: (chuckling) Oh grandma, I’m sure you did.

Grandma: Well, you know he plays football and football players are just so handsome. I know how you like those. (Grandma is referencing my high school/college boyfriend who played football and another “friend” I had who played professionally)

Me: (laughing now) Football?! Wow Grandma. Let me guess, he plays for the Browns? (Grandma is spending some time in Cleveland now with Ted)

Grandma: No, no…it’s the other team. Who is that in St. Louis?

Me: The Rams?

Grandma: Yes, that’s it I think. Anyways, I think you two would really hit it off and I spoke with Ted about you two meeting up when you get here…I think it would really be swell.

Me: Oh Grandma! Lol…

Only my grandma folks, only my grandma! And no I won’t be meeting this cat. I believe Ted and I will talk her out of this chance encounter. This is absolute craziness!


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