I Haven’t Combed My Hair In 3+ Weeks

Not me, but you get the idea...

            Yes folks, the title of this post is true.  For nearly a month now, I have abandoned all combs and brushes and have utilized solely my fingers when it comes to detangling, parting and the overall styling of my hair.

            For nearly 1 ½ years now, I’ve read all sorts of articles from women who have sworn by finger-detangling.  It sounded absolutely ludicrous to me because I did not see how it was possible to have a head full of hair and fully detangle it, with zero knots or tangles, using only your fingers.

I am here to tell you that it is indeed possible.

            I wet all of my hair, massage a moderate-sized amount of conditioner into my hair, then abandon it to complete my shower rituals.  Afterwards, I go back to my softened, conditioned hair, and with the conditioner in it, begin raking my fingers lightly through sections of my hair.  While some sections are more tangled then others, within a couple of minutes (anywhere from 2-4) my entire head is detangled with minimal hair loss, hair tugging and pain involved.  I wring my hair out from excess conditioner and water, leave the little bit of conditioner that is still in my hair in it, then allow my hair to fall as it will.  I’m left with a wonderful wash n’ go that is fully detangled and has amazing curl definition.

            I’m not sure how well finger-detangling will work when it gets colder out, mainly because I go longer between co-washing/shampooing in colder months.  My hair has fewer tangles if I’m co-washing/finger detangling every 1-2 days in warmer months versus if I’m co-washing/finger detangling once or twice a week in the colder months.  I’m not sure if the extra tangles will force me to grab a wide-toothed comb. 

Do any of you have any experience with finger detangling?  Do you swear by the comb?  Or do you use both?   Speak on it!


2 thoughts on “I Haven’t Combed My Hair In 3+ Weeks

  1. WOW. HA! For what it’s worth, when I wore my hair curly I never combed it out and I used my fingers, but I, too, only did that in the summer AND I love the curly/dready look – I love the look of “unmanageable” curls/waves hair. You know the style that looks like you literally hang out by the pool/beach all day 🙂

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