I Did Crackle…Should’ve Been Shattered SMH

As the title states, I was having such a hard time finding OPI’s Shattered that I tried some off-brand called Crackle.  And man, Crackle SUCKS! 

I painted red on my toes, then put Crackle on top.  After drying and crackling a bit, I am left with really dark toes that from a distance look dark purple, almost black (I guess red and black looks purple?).  The only inkling that one would have that my toes are red w/ black crackle on top is if they had a microscope and were inspecting my toes that way.

Never again will I use Crackle. Shattered only folks.

Where’s my acetone nail polish remover?

P.S. Don’t you dare laugh at my monkey toes that strongly resemble fingers on human hands!!! 

Lol but real talk, I used to be SOOOOO insecure about my toes.  When I was younger I swore off flip flops, never showed my toes in public and was incredibly embarassed by them.  When I got to college, I got comfortable with them and they actually became quite convenient.  I am able to pick things up with them, move things around with them, etc.  They really are extensions of my hands.  I can even give a “thumbs up” with my toes lol…dead serious.


2 thoughts on “I Did Crackle…Should’ve Been Shattered SMH

  1. Ummmmm Ridicki unnecessary toe comments here… lolz
    anyways… how did you use the ‘crackle’ cuz when I tested it, it worked fine… you’re supposed to use it on significantly lighter colors so its more noticeable, andd you should NOT put it on thick or it will not ‘crackle’ properly!

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