The New (Yet SO Old) Accessory I’m Rocking This Spring

Grandma Reece's neck scarf

            When I was 16 yrs old, my maternal grandmother died.  I wasn’t very close to Grandma Reece growing up (she wasn’t the friendliest towards small children) but within those past two years, we had begun forming a legitimate grandmother/granddaughter relationship.  When she passed it seemed so soon-we were on the verge of something great and I regretted the fact that I hadn’t gotten to know her better, sooner.
            When it came time for the distribution of her belongings, I wasn’t able to get much since I wasn’t the closest to her.  Of the few things I was able to snag, they’ve been lost over the years from the multiple moves I’ve had to make (we moved every year or 2 it seemed).  Today I am left with just two items-each is silk scarves that she would wear.  While the one is quite large and I’ve easily found use for it over the years by wrapping my hair in it, the other is long, rectangular and light in color.  It’s been taking up space in my intimates drawer over the years and it wasn’t until yesterday when an epiphany struck me and I realized what it’s for.
It’s a neck scarf that can be tied much in the same fashion that the great movie stars in the 60s wore theirs.
            After looking at a few tutorials online instructing one on how to tie a proper woman’s neck scarf, today I am rocking Grandma Reece’s long, light-yellow, silk scarf like no other.  This simple accessory has changed my entire look and I plan on purchasing a few others within the next few weeks and pairing them with simple blouses.  This is a classic look that is timeless and I can see myself wearing it now until old age!


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