Life Update!

One of my greatest sources of inspiration...I see this picture and it reminds me that I have the power to be great.

                As I reported late last week, I was taking a brief hiatus from the world to focus on completing my book.  Well instead of completing the book, I managed to get 1.75 chapters cranked out.  I am now nearly finished with Chapter 6 and hope to begin (if not finish) Chapter 7 this week.  I anticipate my novel being 10-12 chapters in length, so I’d say I’m slightly over the halfway mark at this point.  Go me!

                As inspiring as that is, all of this writing is still tough work!  I find myself daily looking for pieces of inspiration to get me focused on my largest task at hand.  Inspiration comes from the daily interactions of the people I encounter, books that I am reading and the blogs that I frequent.

                In addition to writing, I’m also currently trying my hand in a few other industries.  Those seem to be getting off to a delayed start.  In my Spirit I believe it’s because God doesn’t want my focus there.  I am supposed to be focused on this book and until it is finished, I don’t believe he will allow any other doors to open.  My human flesh has been fighting this somewhat which is why I have been finding myself in this pickle lol. 

                When it comes to my hair, I’m torn as of late.  Generally once it reaches a certain length I get a haircut.  This began in college, and now every single time my hair gets below shoulder-length, around armpit length, I am running off to a professional to cut anywhere from 3-6 inches and transform it into a nice, layered, lengthy bob.  Here I am, one year from my last major haircut, wanting to cut my hair so badly.  In addition to the length, without a relaxer, my hair is bigger, heavier and thicker than I could have ever imagined.  It’s been getting incredibly hot and uncomfortable with all of April’s rain and muggy weather.  I’m dreading the summer.  I will most likely be rocking updo’s.  When I wear it out, everyone wants to touch it and it gets in the way of everything.

                I also wanted to dye my hair blonde this summer but now I’m getting frustrated.  It’s going to be expensive and maintaining the color is going to be even rougher.  If I don’t plan on wearing my hair out often, to really show off the color, is it worth it?  Perhaps I will go light brown and continue lightening until July when it can get really blonde?  I may try that.  Overall, I’m just really getting sick of my hair.  It’s kind of unsettling because I rarely get to feeling like this.

            Regarding my health, I’ve been attempting to focus on maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  Everything I’ve begun putting into my body has been a conscious decision that I’ve thought about.  Pop has not touched my lips once within the past month or so (unless we want to count those two glasses of Canada Dry ginger ale I chugged on Easter) and while I occasionally indulge in my McDonald’s Quarter Pounder or Church’s Chicken’s Tuesday special ($0.99 for a two-piece), I overall maintain a much healthier diet.  I’ve been working out (kind of) and my legs are showing signs of the work I’ve been investing. 

            And lastly on this little life update of mine, I’ve quit stressing so much about this concept of turning 25.  I’m kind of like, “Whatever,” these days.  Perhaps this change of heart is because so much of my energy and focus is elsewhere-I don’t have enough to allocate towards my impending birthday.  We are now roughly 6 weeks out from the date and would you believe I’ve made zero plans for it?  This may be my first birthday since maybe my 21st that I have absolutely no plans for my birthday!  Lol yes, for my 21st birthday I made no plans and one of my closest friends found out and refused to let me sit in the house.  We wound up enjoying martinis at a fabulous local lounge spot, Therapy Café (this was before all the hood Black people discovered it and only Yuppies knew it’s name…no offense).  Now that I think about it, I did nothing for my 18th either.  Of all of the great milestone birthdays, I’ve never made plans…16th, 18th, 21st and I guess my impending 25th will be no exception.  Besides, last year I was in Las Vegas for my birthday-there’s no way I can trump that.