When Selling Sex Fails

Motivation? Good luck with that...I guess.

                Because I’m obsessed with social networking, I’ve read numerous posts regarding Kelly Rowland’s newest single “Motivation.”  Of them all, my favorite tweets regarding this topic happened to come from one of my Twitter followers Doug, @MrKarver.  He went INNN on a Twitter rant, which can best be defined as publishing a series of tweets that are attacking a concept/subject that one believes should be taken to task.

                I first noticed his animosity against Rowland’s “Motivation” last week when he tweeted the following.

“Kelly Rowland’s song is trash.” 

“K.Rowland: Dang my career sucks. Oooh!  I know, I’ll do a basic a** song about sex…with Wayne!!  Yeaaahh that’ll be hot. *calls Weezy*”

“Wayne, will you be on my sex song?  Weezy: Only if I can use the same punch lines from my old mixtaps.  Kelly: Sure!! Weezy: Agreed.”

                While I had yet to actually hear Rowland’s single (that I knew of) I had to admit that Doug’s parody was quite humorous.  I chuckled lightly to myself and made a mental note to listen to it the next time I got a chance.  Of course I didn’t listen to it but then yesterday, Doug went INNN again on Kelly Rowland!

“What happened to Shawty Lo?  You coons just KNEW he was the next to blow…

“#Shoutout DJ Skillz for this typical coon mix of Dey Know and Racks on Racks.” 

“Rats on Rats on Rats. #NatiMix”

“Either this music sucks or I’m just old and since I’m only 24…” 

“I’m sorry. We haven’t played ‘Basic A** Sex Song’ by Kelly Rowland…NOW the 5 o’clock Porchmonkey Mix is complete.”

            Lol!  Wow, after that critique I KNEW I had to listen to Rowland’s latest single.  What was it about this song that had mild-mannered Doug up in such arms!?  Well this morning, en route to work, I heard “Motivation” as it played on the radio.  I immediately recognized it from the slow jam sessions that DJ’s will sometimes play towards the end of their set.

            Rowland’s light, breathy, high-pitched Mariah-esque vocals resounded over and over again over the track as she described a man being intimate with her.  She assured him that she would be his motivation so that he would continue to be worked up to ultimately finish the task.  One would assume that the task is for the man to ultimately bust a nut.  When I got to work I watched (part of) the video.  It matches the message of the song.

            Gross.  I am SO disgusted after listening to the song. It sounded like it was a prostitute’s personal theme song for a night of hard work.  The video features dark, hot, sweaty figures frolicking in a dark (and assumed filthy) warehouse or basement.  Immediately my mind traveled to sex slaves and sex workers.  Because everyone was out in one open area it wouldn’t be hard to believe an orgy could/would be taking place.  

            My heart now goes out to Rowland who at this point, has seemingly abandoned all positive, women’s empowerment songs that previously defined her career.  Of course she hasn’t shared the same success that her bandmates Beyonce and Michelle Williams have in their respective genres, but at the same time, that’s no excuse to sink so low.  While yes, Beyonce has her own share of sexually-charged singles (“Ego” comes to mind), it doesn’t define Beyonce’s career.  The same goes for Latoya Luckett-while she has definitely struggled to find success, she did alright with “Torn,” a song that doesn’t harp on the easy, mediocre and basicness of sex in hip hop.  With Kelly, she’d only previously seen slight solo success singing the hook and chorus on one of Nelly’s singles, “Dilemma.”   Now she has this.  It’s sad that now “Destiny’s Child,” the two words that previously defined her singing career have been replaced by “sell out.”  I pray BET spies this unfortunate light and treats it in much the same fashion as it does Ciara’s “Ride” and bans it.

My, what a long, sad and catastrophic fall from greatness.  Do better Kelly, do better.

Am I the only one that thought this was so bad?  Am I overreacting?  Is the songer hotter than what I’m giving it credit for?