Raven-Haired Beauty to Black Beauty to…Blonde Bombshell?

            Many women I know name their hair (whatever they deem “their” hair to be).  For some, it is the hair they grow out of their scalp, for others it’s a wig or two in their arsenal and then there are those who name specific hairstyles.  I’ve always been the type to name the hair that actually grows out of my scalp since I personally have never been a major fan of wearing weave.  My opposition has always been with the price.  I’ve never been able to justify to myself paying $100+ for something my body already creates.  And when I’m honest with myself, if I carefully handle it, I can make my hair look better than any weave that I could buy and sew/glue in.  With that being said, you won’t find me hating on my weave-rockin ladies out there because many that subscribe to it rock it very, very well!

I first named my hair back in 2009 when I dyed my hair black.  I loved how my relaxed strands softly curved and bent around my face.  It wasn’t long before I began referring to my hair as my “Raven-Haired Beauty.”

This is the only picture I can find from that time period

After cutting the relaxers out of my life I allowed my natural hair color to shine.  My natural hair color is dark brown and in the sun it turns an auburn shade.  I began referring to it as “Black Beauty” despite the fact that it was no longer “black.”

People have asked what color I dyed my hair in this picture...I respond "the sun." Which is true-the sun brightens the shade of my natural color.

 Most recently (yesterday) I’ve begun the bleaching process to eventually be mainly blonde with a few light brown strands underneath.  Any referral to dark/black hair won’t work.  I’m now struggling to find a name that will embody my tresses during this new chapter we’re embarking on.  Hmm…Blonde Bombshell?

The color isn't where I want it, but it's getting there...


6 thoughts on “Raven-Haired Beauty to Black Beauty to…Blonde Bombshell?

    • No, I’m not nervous/worried about the bleaching because I was preparing months in advance for this…I’ve been doing henna treatments consistently for 4 months beforehand accompanied by consistent moisturization and minimum manipulation hairstyles. My hair is quite possibly at it’s strongest.

      Since yesterday’s bleaching I’ve done a pre-poo (soaking my hair in olive oil) and deep conditioner. I plan on deep conditioning 2x a week for the next two weeks to prepare my hair for the next bleaching installment that I’ll be doing in mid-May.

      • girl i would be so nervous to lighten/bleach my curls, good luck. im sure it will turn out gorge when you get done with the process!

  1. Hmm….the Frizzy Fango? Um…I know…the Sunny Delight!

    I don’t know. It’s a good look for you. You sure don’t look happy in that last pic, though. Dog die or something? Or is that your mugshot? I kid I kid.

    • Thank you…right now I feel like I resemble a rabied-African lion or am rocking a bright Halloween wig. I’ll just be happy as soon as I am able to get this color where I want it. That’s still two weeks away :/

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