25th Birthday Plans

First and foremost, I had a PHENOMENAL weekend in Philly!

Mia and Kenny last summer celebrating her birthday...I was so salty I missed it 😦

  • I got to spend time with my family…Aunt Renee (our talks are priceless), Uncle Todd (always a fabulous host), Grandma (I managed acquire two more hand-me-downs…a watch that doubles as a chunky gold/bronze bracelet and a purse), Ted (he drove all the way there and back…so amazing!), Uncle Mo (the sprightest 80+ yr old you will EVER meet), Aunt Shirley (her soft, soothing voice is SO relaxing), and several of my cousins Mia (the reason we were all there), Brandon (the proud papi! lol), Shelby (yall already know), Mike (we share some of the best stories), Kenny (we stay crackin jokes/insiders/sharing laughs) and Nelly (we just “click” in that way that’s effortless)
  • We KICKED it at Mia’s baby shower…the only baby shower I’ve ever been too where there was a liquor table lol
  • Larry’s Cheesesteaks, nuff said
  • Oh, and family!

But while I was there however one particular thing happened…I succumbed to peer pressure smh.  My little (BIG) cousin Kenny (I’m 5/6months older but he’s like 6’2″ or 6’3″ 250lbs lol) and Nelly got me to come up there for my birthday!

Who am I kidding…they could barely ask me when was my next visit before I blurted out my birthday weekend! 

Sidenote: Right now the fam is gearing up for Mike’s (AKA Big Money Mike, BKA Roughneck Mike) MBA graduation from Howard University!  On Friday, May 13, 2011 he will finally be finished!  We are all so excited…and Big Cous has already found a job with American Express.  I (along with everyone else) can’t wait to celebrate this incredible achievement with him.  I love him to death!  Congratulations Big Cous!


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