I’m Gonna Join The Wig Party

Yes, after some contemplation and deep thought, I’ve decided it’s time I be converted to the Wigs (not to be confused with the Whigs, that wacktacular political party from back in the day)…and yes, I’m still a Democrat folks (until I start making my money honey lol).

Go big or go home!

Lately with all this hair on my head I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the body and growing length.  It’s a lot to manage and I’m starting to worry if wearing it out all the time is harming it.  I’ve been noticing more women rocking weave.  They do it so (seemingly) effortlessly and I believe it’s about time that I cross over as well.

One of my sorors recently got a sew in (which I understand isn’t a wig but it’s the same idea so I’m counting it) and it looks FABULOUS!  Honestly, if she’d told none of us the truth about her tresses we’d be none the wiser. 

Next up, I was browsing You Tube and saw a video where a woman with a similar curl pattern as mine was showing off her new wigs she bought

The thing I love about the above two examples is that the ladies are NOT ashamed to rock what is theirs (they did pay for it!) and they make no apologies for it!

Yeah, at this point I’m pretty much sold.  After I finish this tryst with blonde hair, I’ll be evolving to the enigmatic world of weave.

P.S. For all the haters of weave, sit down.  While there are the occasional few that stay with a jacked up weave, there are many more who wear it well that aren’t getting the kudo’s they deserve.


17 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Join The Wig Party

  1. OMG. my coworkers got me hip to the movement in the fall. I had one in college, super uncomfy with the idea of people knowing I had one. But now? Shoot I LOVE throwing mine on and walking out the door. Girl’s best friend is a 3/4 wig and a headband. Protects your hair until the next wash!

  2. The LaJay is about $29.99. I bought my first online and had to pay for shipping because I couldn’t find it locally and then finally found a spot here. I have two! One of them I cut and styled, the other I wear wild!!

    • I found a fabulous wild/curly one and i also saw a cute, relaxed short-style that resembled my hair when I got it all cut last year…I might get both if they’re both under $30! lol

  3. This has me inspired. Real talk. I’m really contemplating whether there might be a wig out there with a curl pattern close to mine!!!
    Lets do it!
    Oh and yea, how much are these things?!

  4. There are some youtubers that all are over the Lajay. They even style it many different ways. Very popular in the natural hair community on youtube. Tonidaley80 and Phillydiva19154 all rock it. So does motorcitymoxie.

    Check them out when you get a chance

  5. Full lace front wigs cost more …Half wigs and 3/4 are the way to go cuz you can blend your hair in.

    Veronika I am positive you can get a wig that will blend. I wasnt a believer until I started watching the ladies mentioned above on youtube!!!

    • Noooo! a half-wig/ or 3/4 wig goes on around the “crown” of your head so that you maintain your own natural hairline and are able to leave the front of your hair out to blend with the wig.

      Just watch…I’ll get one, take pics, then post them and had I not told you, you’d be none the wiser.

  6. YES!!!!! Another fellow wiggy!!! I absolutely love wigs. In my opinion they are theeee ultimate protective style! I moisturize my hair every night and place them in braids..super low maintenance!

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