Briana Dai’s Makeup Artistry To Your Eyebrows’ Rescue!

Briana Dai rocking one of my favorite looks, the aqua-lined eye

With the weather warming up a lot of us ladies like to experiment more with our makeup, mainly different eye looks.  It never fails that on any given day I see women rocking a fun, bright eyeshadow that matches their outfit or a bold neutral or pink colored lipstick/lip gloss. 

While I love seeing this, an unfortunate side effect of this phenomenon is RIDICULOUS, RAGGEDY, RATCHET eyebrows!

I know we’ve all seen them.  Sparse eyebrows.  Super thick and bushy eyebrows.  Uneven, unmatched eyebrows.  And then the worst-the “shave off all the hair then draw them back on with a black Sharpie.”  Ugh!

My younger cousin, Briana Dai (Yancey) is a makeup artist and is incredibly skilled in this arena (perhaps you remember this post when I asked you all to pray for her since she recently moved to LA).  Today I came across her You Tube channel where she covers TONS of different makeup looks, but the one I want to highlight today is her Eyebrow Tutorial.

Ladies, after watching this, you have NO excuses to run around with crazy looking eyebrows.  As Briana Dai is careful to elaborate on in her video, “[Eyebrows are supposed to be] identical.  Everybody always has one brow that they like better than the other but the fact of the matter is your brows should be twins…not sisters.”

If you like what you see, SUBSCRIBE TO HER YOU TUBE CHANNEL!  She covers all sorts of unique makeup tutorials such as a day-time smokey eye, a burlesque look, an aqua-lined eye, peacock eye, et al. 

She can also be found on Facebook at Briana Dai Artistry.  There you can find many of her different make up looks on a variety of diverse people.


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