“Get Me Bodied,” Michelle Obama Style!

Our First Lady has been pushing a healthier lifestle initiative to fight childhood obesity since her and President Obama took office (yes, they did it TOGETHER! lol). Back in January perhaps you remember when I wrote on how she partnered with Wal-Mart to lower their prices of fresh produce.  Yesterday she joined forces with the modern-day phenomenon that is best identified by one word: Beyonce!

At Mrs. Obama’s request, Beyonce went back to the studio and recorded a new version of her hit, “Get Me Bodied” that features such common dance moves as The Running Man, The Dougie, high knees, shuffling to the right and left, jumping rope, et al.  She now has created a song that doubles as a fun, workout song.  A new music video has been shot as well that also serves as the workout tutorial.

This is Beyonce’s video that is very bright, colorful and friendly.

This is the flash workout routine that gives the viewer a better grasp of how (and when) to perform the dance/workout moves.

This video is DEFINITELY being implemented into my little workout routine.  My legs have been showing the fruits of my mediocre efforts of calf raises, squats and lunges.  I do my actual “work outs” anywhere from 2-5x a week (depending on how I feel and if I remember to do it) and this video will be the intense, 4-min dose of cardio that I’m missing from my current 3-min workouts.  And yes, I say all of the above in absolute seriousness (but you all should know me well enough by now to know that I’m dead serious lol).


3 thoughts on ““Get Me Bodied,” Michelle Obama Style!

    Love MichyO n Bey!
    Okay, so I just gave Michelle Obama a nick name. Maybe she’s a lil too distinguished to be doing all that, sooo nm. BUT if people catch on, you know who started it!!

  2. P.S. The rolly polly in the white hat that starts dancing in the beginning looks like Thomas Miceli of ABDC’s Iconic Boyz… is it?!? I wonder… cutie 🙂

    Ash, I know you couldn’t care less about ABDC, but I’m sure one of your readers does! :-p

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