I Took Dove’s Deodorant Challenge

And it worked (kind of)

Well elaboration…

If you’ve been watching Dove’s recent commercials, they’ve been profiling a new, “ultimate, go sleeveless in 5 days” deodorant.  The brand is touting that this new deodorant has 1/4 of moisturizers and vitamins E and F that will stay on your skin (not your clothes) and replenishes your underarm skin.  This is supposed to leave your underarms smoother and softer so that in 5 days you feel comfortable going sleeveless and having people look at your underarms.

I purchased the Pearl Finish (the one pictured to the left) for $3.50ish (Wal-Mart) and after 5 days I didn’t notice much of a difference. 

But after a week I have noticed a difference.  Maybe it’s because I’m not pale-skinned and since I have more melanin it takes results longer to show? 

My underarms are softer, smoother and “brighter (sometimes women of color have darker underarm areas).”  It’s not DRAMATICALLY brighter but if I’m honest with myself, I would feel more confident going sleeveless now than I would have before I started using this product.  I also appreciate how it does not rub off on clothes.  I was wearing a little sleeveless tank top and threw on a black cardigan.  A few moments later I removed the cardigan (outfit change) and there was not one hint of deodorant anywhere on it. 

And lastly on this little review, the smell is FABULOUS!  It smells very “clean” without using those popular soapy/cucumber melon/clean cotton fragrances.  It’s very feminine, fresh and welcoming. 

I would like to think that after continued, long-term use the results would get to be even more dramatic.  I will be buying this item again.


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