The Best Cinco De Mayo Ever (Happy Birthday Nikki!!! XOXO)

The bartenders quit measuring shots and at one point, served me a goblet (yes, goblet) filled halfway with Patron. Seriously. I drank one shot from it then gave the rest to Big Bank Hank.

Yesterday was the fabulous American holiday Cinco de Mayo (sad right?  That it’s American smh lol) which pretty much gives us all an excuse to sip tequilla and margarita’s in the name of celebration!

Well that is exactly what I did!  After a busy day of appointments and paperwork with the bail bond company I’m an agent for (I paid my first visit to the jails downtown), I headed down to Cincinnati for a consultation to meet with a hair colorist regarding my hair (Thanks Aunt Renee and Aunt Lynne).

That hair consultation right there will be a separate blog post in itself.  Ladies, I may have steered you wrong with that henna…don’t worry, we’ll talk.

So after the very informative meeting with Robin (ladies, she’s located in The Forum on MLK in Cincy right by UC-if you need some FLY, professional color GO SEE HER!) I headed downtown to join in the Cinco de Mayo celebrations with all my homies from college.  It was fabulous!

  • TONS of people were there because it was also the amazing Nikki Dean’s birthday!
  • $1 Patron shots!
  • BH Boatride tickets…and bartering lol
  • And man, just the overall sentiment of love, good times and just…man.  I’m kinda speechless and touched all at the same time.  It was just great.

Afterwards we all headed down the block (I almost felt like I was in NYC, hey now! lol) and there was a HUGE outdoor party at Nada!  The plan was to be at Bartini’s (which is across the street from Nada!) but that crazy, free outdoor party was rockin so after taking a quick peek in there, the entire Dean Birthday Entourage finally congregated inside Bartini’s…

After walking in and heading to the back where the dancefloor was I paused.  It was darn near empty.  I immediately went to turn my little nose up (okay it’s not so little, but whatever) and frown…we were trying to have a good time and was this the lame spot?

Well I didn’t have time to dwell on that thought because IMMEDIATELY the Entourage hit the dance floor and started WORKING IT!  The DJ threw on some Marvin Gaye and it was over.  Drinks were (again) flowing, laughter was heard and moves were being made.  It was great.  Nikki was the center of attention, she was presented with a birthday cake by her bff’s and everyone had a great time.  After a little while, more people began filtering into Bartini’s (Nada just outrageously thick…it was so deep that you couldn’t have fun) and we were all the life of the party lol!

Because we’d all been going hard since 5/6pm, by the time midnight rolled around we were BEAT!  After bidding farewell to a ton of people I was on my way. 

Thank you to everyone who came out man…fun was had and memories were made.  It’s what epic nights are made of  😀


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