Congratulations Mike Steel!

This morning my older cousin, Michael Steel, graduated from Howard University’s business school with his MBA!  The entire family is so incredibly proud of him.  Go Mike!

A couple of things I noticed that I find to be unique to the Black college graduation ceremony (at Howard U) are that:

1) When the graduates were receiving their degrees each individual’s name was called followed by a small convo/hug.  It was EXTREMELY personalized.  At White schools, they hurriedly say your name, hand you your paper and rush you off the stage….which I’m not mad at-when you’ve got hundreds of names to get through, that drawn-out stuff can get old.  Fast lol

2) The graduates exited to “Moment For Life,” by Nikki Minaj, featuring Drake.  I loved it!  That song perfectly captures the essence of the event.  At my graduation (and many other White schools) the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance” was played.

3) It started EARLY!  Instead of beginning at 8:30AM as scheduled, the processional began at 8:28AM.  I was definitely impressed.

P.S. Mike was chosen to give the Invocation at the begining of the program!  Woohoo!


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