Skinning the Cat Versus The Furburger: Female Vaginal Hair Removal

My family has the amusing habit of bringing up some of the most ridiculous comparisons, debating them, then taking them to a whole other level that is deeper and more significant than you could ever imagine.  This past Saturday afternoon, while attempting to enjoy a nice Mexican brunch, the topic of vaginal pubic hair took center stage.  It continued throughout the day and also monopolized our evening conversation as we attempted to enjoy our mini pizza party.

Lol, I’m dead serious.

So there you have it: myself, several of my cousins and my older aunts and uncles seriously debating a fully, hair free vaginal area on women or leaving a little hair behind.  The men were asked, “Do you prefer a fully skinned cat?”  The question would then get flipped to the women.  “Do you maintain a bush?”  It goes without saying that while initially the men favored a fully bare area, the women got them to change their answers in favor of the furburger. 

The men favored skinning the cat for many reasons; included among them were:

  • More aesthetically pleasing (yes, someone used that exact vernacular)
  • Less odor
  • Cleaner
  • Easier for her “juices” to cover “things”
  • Easier for oral pleasure

Women favored smaller runway strips for many reasons as well; included among them were:

  • More protection from the elements (similar to how eyelashes protect our eyes, nose hairs protect nostrils, etc)
  • A signifier to our maturity (we’re not little girls)
  • It’s just supposed to be there

After going back and forth for awhile, Aunt Lynne pulled out the big guns-God, the Bible and religion!  Overall, Aunt Lynne was saying (and that I agree with, and have subscribed to for years wholeheartedly) that trimming is good but removing 100% of all hair is very bad.  The single factor that separates a grown woman’s privates from a young girl’s is the presence of hair.  God intended for this distinction to be made.  Removing all hair presents a breeding ground for pedophilic thoughts and possibly pedophilic actions.  As Uncle Ken was careful to cosign, a hair-free vaginal area can ultimately be a setup for failure when it comes to men.  But as one of my cousins was careful to point out, “I aint tryin to grab an afro pic now!”

They went on to elaborate how difficult it to even remove hair in that area.  “Do you know how troublesome it is to even get bikini ready?!” Aunt Lynne asked (yes, she’s 50+ rocking bikini’s because her body is BANGING!  She’s in the Cincinnati area and teaches aerobics so if you need help, hit her up!). 

From there, overall body-hair was discussed.  Us Yancey/Stone/Steel women are against men shaving anything other than their faces (and sometimes heads).  Men are meant to have hair on their arms, underarms, legs, and chest (chest hair can be trimmed though) and when men remove that, they are reduced to resembling smooth, little boys.  How unappealing is that!?  We want MEN-fully grown, hairy, smelly men. 

This debate is one that I know many have had and now I’m curious as to all of your thoughts on this touchy topic as well. 

Speak on it!


11 thoughts on “Skinning the Cat Versus The Furburger: Female Vaginal Hair Removal

  1. hahahaha at the picture and the blog post. Loved it cousin – our family is so cooky and I adore that about us! That conversation was definitely one of my favorite of all times.

    • lmbo he was SOOOOO uncomfortable!

      then Aunt Renee was like, “I’ve done both so *shrug* it’s whatever.” hahahahahaha and Uncle Todd STILL wouldn’t say anything…like he was nervous Aunt Renee was gonna beat him hahahahaha

      • Lol, nah I must of missed that one. I did read a story recently about a woman being arrested for crashing her car into a truck at 45 mph because she was shaving her bikini area while driving down in Florida. Apparently she was on her way to a date and wanted to be “ready”. The irony of the story is that she had asked her ex-husband to steer the car (yes, you read that right) while she finished her job. Surpisingly(sarcasm), it turns out the woman didn’t have a valid driver’s license and was convicted of a DUI the night before while driving with a suspended license. smh.

      • *shrugs* The last story landed in my email inbox last week. The relevancy is random, I know. Oh well, lol. I guess I’m a unique resource of useless, yet intriguing, information.

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