A California Man Has Been Cured of HIV…MUST READ

If the news reports are true, 45-year old Timothy Ray Brown, a San Franciscan man who contracted HIV in 1995, has now been cured of HIV because of stem cells he received from a doner who is immune to HIV.

Yes, there are apparently people in the world who are immune to HIV.

It appears that about 1% of all Caucasians are immune to HIV.  How?  They are the descendants of people who survived the European Great Plague.  These descendants (all 1% of them) carry an immunity gene that protects them from the current-day HIV and AIDS viruses. 

Back in 2007, Ray was battling leukemia in Berlin, Germany when he received a bone marrow stem cell transplant to assist in his cancer treatment.  That doner has now been discovered to be immune to HIV.  Since that day in 20o7, Ray has stopped taking all of his HIV medication and no more traces of HIV can be found in his body. 

“UCSF’s Dr. Paul Volberding, another pioneering AIDS expert who has studied the disease for all of its 30 years cautioned that while ‘the Berlin Patient is a fascinating story, it’s not one that can be generalized.”’

Both doctors stressed that Brown’s radical procedure may not be applicable to many other people with HIV, because of the difficulty in doing stem cell transplants, and finding the right donor.” -CBS San Francisco News, http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2011/05/16/apparent-immunity-gene-cures-bay-area-man-of-aids/


I don’t know what to think about this one…I’ll wait it out to see if it’s true.


2 thoughts on “A California Man Has Been Cured of HIV…MUST READ

  1. Yeah, I read about this a few months ago. It’s not excactly the smoothest process and the costs to mass produce this solution would be astromical, but the science behind the trials seem to prove accurate according to various credible sources from what I understand.

    As an aside I saw a story the other day of how some drug has been developed that if taken by those infected with HIV that person didn’t pass the virus along to their sexual partner (well in 96% of the cases). Interesting stuff.

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