Diddy Swag: What’s It Mean To You?

My older cousin, Big Money Mike Steel (lol yes I call him that sometimes), emulates “Diddy swag” to me.  It started some years back when Mike would dress to the 9’s and step out exuding a unique confidence that I can best describe as being on his “Diddy swag.”  If you know Mike Steel then I don’t need to elaborate on that any further…my big cousin is one fly cat.

Well it appears that Sean Combs has gotten wind of this because it is his new name. 

Lol yes, he is now going by “Swag,” but for this week only!

He was sick last week because of the flu but to announce his comeback, he decided he needed a name change to accompany it, hence “Swag.” 

Contrary to Webster’s defintion of swag as being, “cool,” Urban Dictionary defines it more efficiently calling it, “overall confidence, style and demeanor.”  I would say that both definitions are right up Diddy’s alley.

Lol I’m so weak.  He’s also created another Twitter account touting his new alter ego.  Now while you can find Sean Combs at @iamdiddy, you can find Swag at @iamswag.  Over at @iamswag he is encouraging his fans to tweet their definitions of swag to him. 

You guys, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. 

Hahaha, Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Diddy Swag: What’s It Mean To You?

  1. Lil Ash,

    I can’t believe I made your post for second time…I am truly honored man. I am forever grateful for the complements and words, but I got a long way to go.

    I just try and splash a lil uniqueness to whatever endeavor I’m faced with…

    Much luv,

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