Lil Bro’s Aren’t The Worst Thing Ever :)

Ty saw my blog post from yesterday with me ranting and raving.  He is offended…rightfully so.  So this is my public apology to Ty for blasting him in public like that lol…your big, bad sissy Ashy is sowwwy 😦  Love you my little chitterling! xoxo

Yesterday I think it was a combination of having to be bothered with car issues that I wasn’t trying to deal with, having a set plan on how it would be coordinated and then watching the plan fall to pieces that took me over the edge.  I operate most things according to a pretty rigid plan…when things fall through with no warning it works my nerves (some worse than others).  Yesterday I had a lot planned at work and that little delay got me off track.

Ultimately I definitely don’t think men are wack/lousy communicators; rather I’ve learned that they have a “different” way of communicating that I don’t always understand.  Ultimately Ty’s intentions were to have my back and he wasn’t trying to cross me/leave me hanging.

At this point I now kind of feel bad at the inconvenience I’m placing on him because he has to chauffeur me back and forth to work.  This afternoon Montey was supposed to be ready but I’ve since learned that he won’t be ready until tomorrow morning.  As a result I am again relying on Ty to take me home, then come back and get me tomorrow morning and drop me off to get my car.  Ty’s kind of mean to people (lol) so the fact that he is going out of his way to help me out like this is a big deal for him.

So for all of the above (and so much more) thank you SO much little bro and I love you like no other!

Don't worry, he likes it O_o lol!


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