Beyonce, Girls Run the World? Maybe.

Beyonce’s newest single “Girls” has gotten a LOT of attention.  While most of Beyonce’s songs are mega hits that get tons of positive critical acclaim, “Girls” is mixed, at best.  Never before have I heard as many people flatout dislike Queen B’s music.  I know for myself, it’s had to grow on me and even then…ehhh.  I dunno.  The biggest thing I do appreciate however is the “girl power” message it pushes.  I find it to be a very inspiring thing amid a world that continues to tell us that women aren’t good enough, despite being the gender responsibile for birthing and nurturing humanity.

With that being said, I was caught off guard when I watched the video below.  I find myself not knowing whether to applaud this woman or to tell her to remove the stick out of her arse and lighten up.  Can I do both?  And if I can only do one, I’ll go ahead and go with the latter.

S/O to the homie, Antoine Edmonson, for getting me hip.  Also, if you have the time, go listen to his music…very inspirational young man and I’m proud to call him a friend.


6 thoughts on “Beyonce, Girls Run the World? Maybe.

  1. I can’t see the video link at my job, but I’m assuming it’s the youtube video by vlogger NineteenPercent (who happens to be from Ohio…represent!). Listen, of course it’s not that serious as far as breaking down the song like that. However, at the same time I believe she really just used this video as a platform to express her sentiments and views around this particular subject which she probably expressed multiple times over the last few years. Using the Beyonce video is actually pretty genius to spread your message virally.

    I pretty much disregarded the attack on Beyonce and/or the video and focused on the content of the message and what she was attempting to convey. I don’t think one can argue that she doesn’t make some pretty clear and valid points. There are a lot in there. Nothing earth shattering really (although that South Carolina felony deal threw me for a second, smh.), but I think she just framed many of her thoughts into a perspective that some people may have not looked at before.

    I mean, yeah the delivery made it seem as if she’s just attacking the video and Beyonce and she has a big stick up her butt, however the message is bigger then that and honestly, the funny part is, she’s not entirely wrong. Matter of fact, there are a lot of undeniable truths. IMO anyway *shrugs*

  2. I like what she said. Most celebrities have their heads in a cloud and don’t REALLY know what it’s like to be ‘regular’ anymore.. So Beyonce and all her friends may at some point FEEL like THEY run the world, when they in fact don’t.. even at their high level of living.. and we certainly don’t.

    The song tries to have a positive message and I appreciate that, but I don’t like the song either. It isn’t ingenious, nor creative.. I view it as “I’m a huge celebrity– anything I do will be hot” lazy.

  3. Though painful to watch after the first 25 secs. “19%” (my fave number btw). forgot to research anthological perspective (btw, women are highly noted for the most relevant research in this field, which is still prevalent today. ). There many cultures globally, that do in fact have matriarchal societies. Because of European agency countries who have been colonized by said western cultures have evolved into patriarchal societies, based on assimilation alone.

    Also, when discussing feminism the best literature to read is everything by bell hooks and “Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness and the Politics of Empowerment” by Patricia Hill Collins, just to start at the root.

    Lastly, attacking an effort to begin a movement involving someone who has “power” should not be immediately disregarded in the least, especially if you are claiming to be a”helper” and not a hater. Even if we think the efforts are wack. Sexism and division within marginalize groups succeed. So I would like to thank (19%) for setting women back.

    • lol dang cristyn…you go hard! as hard as the lady in the video for real!

      I appreciate that perspective tho. *runs off to e-reader library and does some price checks on bell hooks’ stuff*

      I remember in undergrad I took a Black Feminist Theory capstone course w/ Dr. Gwendolyn Etter-Lewis (that South Africa trip is what I actually used for my capstone though) and there was this HUGE, several hundred paged, anthology that included numerous authors and their lengthy writings…i need to go dig it out and read it. I remember thinking to myself then that even though I wasn’t appreciating it then, I better not sell it back to the bookstore because I would need it later. Today is later.

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