My First Novel Is Finished!

Hola my loves!

As many are aware, I’ve been working on my first novel for a few months now (three to be exact) and finally, around 2:30 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning I finished!  After spending 6 hours or so Sunday revising, I sent it out to my editing team to read it, pick it apart and give me their feedback.  It is my hope that I will have a final version of my novel by next week so that I can then get it copyrighted and fitted with an ISBN number (special shoutout to J. Nevels for getting me hooked up with Lull Mengesha, author of The Only Black Student, who offered me TONS of publishing advice).

Since I’ve began many people have been telling me how difficult they find writing to be and how on earth have I been able to write 100+, single-spaced, 11 pt font pages?  Lol, truth be told you all want to know what I found to be most difficult?  The part that REALLY stressed me out?  The part that really left me overall clueless and anxious?!

The title.

Yes, from the day I wrote the first sentence of the first chapter back in March I was conflicted because I had NO idea what I would name my first novel.  90% of the time I title my writing AFTER it’s written (including these blog posts) but even as I was completing the Epilogue I was still clueless.  After spending quite some time thinking about it, suddenly the title hit me like a ton of bricks…my sorority line name!


“Paradigm” is the title and it fits the subject matter and plot of the storyline PERFECTLY!

So with that being said, I now need help designing my cover.  I have in my head the very simple, basic idea of what I want but I need to find someone who can put it on paper.  If you know of anyone who may be interested, please send some information my way!  Thank you so much!


6 thoughts on “My First Novel Is Finished!

  1. Congrats, pimpin. Let me know when I can get my autographed copy so I can sell it for some loot on Ebay once you go mainstream! lol (just kidding like Jason….unless you gonna do it) 🙂

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