My New T-Shirts Are Dropping This FRIDAY!!!

A few weeks ago I mentioned in this post that I had a few things in the works regarding fashion…

Well I am here to let you all in 0n a little secret 😉

This Friday, two different shirt designs that I’ve developed and created (with the help of Nudy) will be released!


Natural Beauty

The first, “Natural Beauty,” features Marsha Hunt, an American actress, novelist, singer and model.  There’s SO much that can be said of this African-American trendsetter that I will just defer you all to her wikipedia page to learn more.


"Definition." This is printed on a crewneck tee, NOT a v-neck as pictured.

The second, “Definition,” features a univeral defintion of natural that can be applied to so much more than hair…lifestyle, personality, interests, etc.  It’s also printed on a “natural” colored tee (subliminal messaging 😉 lol).  Make “natural” your own!


Both are printed on American Apparel tees.  I haven’t settled on a price yet…they will range from $20-$25.  While “Natural Beauty” will be able to be found at, “Definition” will be sold exclusively by me!  I will keep you all updated throughout the week as I get more information 🙂

***P.S.  I’ve gotten feedback from a few men who are interested in these tees (especially “Natural Beauty”).  The current run is in female sizes.  If I get enough interest I will invest in men’s sizes as well.***



10 thoughts on “My New T-Shirts Are Dropping This FRIDAY!!!

    • The shirts were both originally going to be done on v-necks and the only “v-neck” template that was available features the White female model.

      When it’s all said and done I’ll get a “Black” model on there lol.

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