Define: I’m On One

Recently the catchphrase “I’m on one,” has been overused, abused and repeated a ghastly number of times yet a common denominator I’ve been seeing is that few people are able to define it’s meaning.  Lol.

Here in Dayton, Ohio us locals have been using it for YEARS.  Yes, for years we’ve been using the phrase “I’m on one” to describe that “feeling some kind of way” sentiment.  Overall, “I’m on one” has never meant anything good (although that’s not to say it can’t be used for good things).

I first heard it from my little cousins.  My younger cousin Jana, who has been known to act reckless, would use it right before she pulled a jawdropping stunt.

“Hey couso, what’s up with you?  You’re over there actin up.” I’d say to her.

“Hey Mina.  Fat A** is trippin and I’m not the one.  I’m on one.”

(Asha)Mina is my nickname on the Adam’s side (my mom’s people) of the family…none of them call me “Ashley” or “Yancey.”  I have no idea how I acquired it.  So here in Dayton, if anyone knows me through my Mom’s people they call me Mina…it’s been that way for years lol

Immediately I’d get concerned (and get out of her way).  From there she would proceed to do her dirt as the rest of us stood by congratulating her, shocked by her antics or having her back.

Overall “I’m on one” (as me and my people in Dayton, Ohio have used it for years) describes an attitude that develops when someone crosses you, does you dirty or things don’t go according to plan.  You are left feeling angry, frustrated, mad and overall “don’t care” any longer.  As a result you partake in reckless activity.  You are now “on one.”  Using that catchphrase gives you a solid explanation that makes sense, despite how out-of-order you actually are/were.

For example, yesterday Ty and I got into it.  He talked to me foul and I got angry.  I then proceeded to take his lunch and throw it away in the trash can.  Why?  Because I was “on one.”

You all heard about how Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez (RIP) burned down her boo’s house.  Why?  Because she was “on one.”

We’ve all been out and about and seen men in relationships flirt as they are galavanting in the club, looking to for a new chick because they are trying to strike revenge on their main chick.  Why?  Because his dumb behind is “on one.”

Lastly, when we were younger and would piss our parents off, while sometimes they would yell at us, other times they would go above and beyond by taking away all of our privileges and give us extreme silent treatments…extra as heck for no reason.  Why?  Because they were “on one.”

While I’ve always seen it as a bad thing, I think there are positive ways of being “on one” too.  Let’s say you are graduating college, got that amazing promotion at work or will be published in Philadelphia Magazine as being one in of the TOP 7% of ALL Philly realtors (I see you Uncle Whitney Todd Yancey!  Woohoo!!!), if you decide to go out, party hard or buy yourself that luxury tech gadget you can blame the momentary loss of sense as being “on one.”

So shoutout to all of us out there who at any given time have been “on one!”

Lol, now go enjoy your day folks.  This beautiful weather out here coupled with the facts that my book is complete and my tshirts are coming out is enough to have me “on one” allllll summer long!  Look out now!

5 thoughts on “Define: I’m On One

  1. Well Yancey that was a great read to say the least and since I’m off today I guess I’m a be “on one” 🙂

  2. Yea I first heard it on a gucci song he used it talkin bout being off of x pills on a trip (high). And that’s why they use it to say somebody trippin. Like man he on one!

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