It’s T-Shirt Timmmmeeee! *Jersey Shore voice*

Ladies and gents it’s about that time.  What time you may ask?

T-Shirt TIME!!!!

If you remember this post from last week, I informed you all that I had been working on some t-shirt concepts that I would soon be debuting.

Well they are here and are ready for sale!  To find “Natural Beauty,” which features Marsha Hunt, you can visit or visit their actual shop in downtown Cincinnati on Main St.  I personally also have a few on hand.  “Definition” can be found in the trunk of my car!  Each is $25. 

Angie modeling "Definition." THANK YOU SOROR/my love!!!

I want to give a shoutout to the first customer, Angie!  She fell in love with both designs and copped both! 

Going off of the sentiment, “supporting the dream,” as my bff Veronika wrote in the “memo” section of the check she wrote for her shirt, I want to thank EVERYONE involved in helping me pursue these dreams of mine.  I can’t do this alone. 

And saving the best for last, thank you God.  Thank You!


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