I Hate Working At the Amusement Park

I'm not convinced that this is the life for me.

As many are aware, I’ve recently found a new job.  I left my gig at the Insurance Warehouse (on amicable terms of course) and while I was secure in that decision, recently my new job has made me question my actions a bit.

Yes, I work in an amusement park (of sorts).

When I decided to take the job at the amusement park, I accepted under the impression that my experience would be similar to that of a spectator.  Of course I knew that I would have to help out a bit with the cotton candy machines or even stay at the site a bit after the park closed to help clean up game booths and the like, but overall I thought it would be an amazing experience.  I would get to enjoy the benefits of the amusement park while getting paid on the side.

I was wrong.

While I am able to enjoy the benefits of the amusement park AND get paid on the side, I’m learning that I don’t get to enjoy the benefits as I once would have.   Confused?  Let me give you a few examples…

Yes, I can ride the rides for free as many times as I want, but unfortunately I now have to help set the rides up and shut them down.   Building rides is not fun.  As a result it’s soured my impression of them and I no longer want to ride the rides.

Yes, the games are fun, but unfortunately I have to buy the prizes that the spectators can win.  I am realizing that I have to recruit enough people to play the games so that I can make the money back that I have already invested.  So no, I no longer want to play the stupid, basic games and win a cheap, trash toy.

Yes, the spectators are all fun-loving people when I share in their company, but now that I’m on the other side they are rude, overly-demanding and lack common sense.  I wish I could have their innocence and be as carefree about things as they are.

So yeah, that’s why I hate working at the amusement park.

Lastly, this post is dedicated to the homie Dougie Ealy…he understands why.

P.S.  Everywhere I referred to “amusement park,” replace it with “New York City and all that it includes.”

P.P.S.  Yes, this entire post is a huge metaphor.

P.P.S. S.  Yes, I’m spending my summer in NYC.  More details about it may come later.


2 thoughts on “I Hate Working At the Amusement Park

  1. Aww (with a hint of lol)… Whenever something sucks I try to latch on to the hope that I’ll reap some benefit from it. Sometimes its an unattainable feeling.

    The picture that accompanies this post is funny; I imagine that after seeing things like that all the time you just shake your head

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