Jordan V’s? Why Not!

I’ve never been the type of woman associated with being a sneakerhead.  On the contrary, I’ve actually been known to shun them.  To be perfectly frank, gym shoes have always carried a tomboyish, unfeminine and dirty stigma with me.  Over the past three years I’ve purchased three measly pairs of gym shoes, which have rarely been worn.  Of those three, two of those pairs are Alexander McQueen designs that Puma manufactured so they’re actually kind of fake (as it relates to a legitimate gym shoe).

Since moving to NYC however, the idea of wearing heels is an unsettling thought.  In the time that I’ve spent here thus far, I find myself walking several miles a day.  Every bit of my body has been feeling it and it is now more important than ever before that my feet are taken care of.  I can’t have blisters, sore heels, callouses or corns.  Unfortunately my flat, basic and trendy sandals will not suffice.

But Jordan gym shoes will.

Today while at work I noticed Ty, my younger brother had called me.  Because I had to work a double-shift (12-hrs of intense walking, lifting, reaching and other high-impact activities) returning any of his three missed calls (he misses me, what can I say lol) or texting him wasn’t going to happen-I was busy!  Nevertheless my little brother was on my mind and as the heels of my feet began to throb around hour five I was reminded of a conversation he and I had several years ago.

“Ugh Ashley!  The heels of your feet are trifling!” He scoffed at me one day.

“Shut up!  It takes a lot of work to maintain my feet.  I haven’t used my pumice stone in about a week,” I admitted.

“Obviously!  See, look at my feet,” he remarked as he wiggled his bare foot in the air.  “Soft as a baby’s bottom.”

I looked.  To my surprise his feet were extremely smooth and looked pretty soft.  “Wow, they actually are.  What kind of cream do you use?”

“Man, what kind of man do you think I am?  I don’t use no cream!”  He continued, “I wear $100 shoes to make sure my feet are taken care of.  That’s why I don’t have your problems.”

Ty doesn’t know it, but I’ve always remembered that conversation.  Of course he was referring to his Jordan gym shoe collection.  He was attributing the comfort, softness and smoothness of his feet to the fact that he was investing into not only a highly-hyped shoe, but a quality-made shoe at that.

It’s obvious that he is on to something.  At this point in my life I’m tired of coming home from long days spent on the trains, walking around the city and having sore, busted feet that throb when I walk on them (I promise I’m not making this up).  It’s time that I go ahead and invest in these expensive shoes.

If you ask me I'm ready...*A. Keys' voice*

After doing a bit of research I’ve stumbled across the Jordan V’s that will be released sometime in July.  I must admit I’m kind of excited, seeing as to how I’ve owned only one pair of Nike’s in my entire life and they definitely weren’t Jordan’s.  I’ve already begun planning what type of outfits I could wear to match the mostly white shoe that features slight red, gray and obsidian flashes of color.

As corny as it sounds I must admit I’m kind of excited to try this new fashion endeavor!


3 thoughts on “Jordan V’s? Why Not!

    • Thanks for this feedback! I actually met Vashtie at a party back in January…the shop I sell my tshirts through, OTR, had her host their 1-year anniversary party so she and I were able to rap a bit then.

      Overall, the look of the Jordan’s she designed don’t coordinate well with my personal taste in color/style.

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