Let Me Tell You Guys About This Negro! Smh

He looks like he's done this before...

Last weekend I headed out to brunch with a few new friends and upon arrival I noticed that five men were joining us.  As luck would have it, two of the men were a pair of FINE, identical twins.  All of us ladies in attendance recognized it.  It was kind of unbelievable lol.  The one that was most attractive to me, *Shawn, wound up sitting right next to me.  We were a party of 13 so I definitely had fate on my side.

Because of his lighter complexion and OVERLY muscular body, I knew that he wasn’t my ideal type physically, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I was settling either.  Overall I saw him as a challenge-he would be a fun little game I would coyly play just to see how far it could go during a simple lunch.

Is this guy feelin me?  (Because of my current priorities and recent changes/experiences I’ve been confronted with, I’ve been discouraging any type of new “relationships” hence my childish game playing at this brunch.)

As brunch commenced, Shawn wasn’t really paying me too much attention.   I recognized that I needed to incite some convo to get the ball rolling.  I made a reference at one point to social networking, namely Twitter, and from there it broke the ice between us and we had some fun, witty banter.  After adding each other to our friend’s lists on Facebook and Twitter, I still wasn’t sure about him so I receded into the background.  I focused my attention on the rest of the table until he captured it by pulling out his phone and requesting to take my picture.

“Why do you want to have a photo of me in your phone?” I shyly asked lol.

“I need it so that it pops up next to your number when I hit you up,” he responded.

I tried to hold back my grin that was quickly making its way across my face.  “Yeah, he’s feelin me,” I thought.  After drinking a few bottomless mimosas apiece, we both complained about how we were lightweights.  Despite our impaired judgment he assured me
that he had my back.  “You know I’m gonna take care of you.   No worries.”  I just nodded my head.  Soon afterwards, everyone’s food arrived and
after I mentioned that I needed some pepper, he got up from our table, went to another area of the restaurant and returned with a pepper shaker while being careful to remind me that I was in good hands.

“I meant what I said.  I’m taking care of you and am gonna look out.  You good?” he asked.

I nodded my head in acknowledgement, but not before everyone else at the table heard what he said and began “oohing” and “aahing.”  I began blushing in extreme embarrassment while he just smiled and patted my back.  The rest of the meal went off without a hitch and our friendly, flirty banter continued.  As we said our goodbyes I was a bit surprised that he made no mention of getting my phone number.  I assumed it was an oversight of his but despite that I certainly wasn’t going to ask him for his.    We parted ways and I assumed I’d see him later in the day since the group had made plans to link up at another area.

The day got away from me and it wasn’t until I got home and settled in for the evening that I noticed Shawn had sent me a message on Facebook.  I instantly remembered I had forgotten to attend the earlier gathering at the separate venue (it was a busy day).  The message I found included Shawn’s phone number and an inquiry about whether or not I would be attending an upcoming event.  After responding to his inquiry
via Facebook, I decided to view his profile.

Relationship Status: In A Relationship.

Say what?!?!

Thank God I didn’t “like him, like him!”

*gets on knees and prays for his girlfriend*


2 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You Guys About This Negro! Smh

  1. Curious, but did you ask him if he was in a relationship? I would at least consider asking before making that assumption. To give you perspective, speaking of myself personally, I actually have “in a relationship” as my status on my FB profile page, but I’m actually not. I’m single. I just never changed it from when my last relationship ended. Honestly, I always got weird messages/crazy friend requests from females I didn’t even know that was annoying and that was with my status as in a relationship. If I changed it I figured it would get worse, possibly, so I just don’t even worry about it.

    I’ve met a few females that do the same thing for the same reasons. I’m assuming if one would see a guys status as single on FB, you would still ask if they were seeing/dating anyone just to be sure. Well, why not for the opposite scenario? Just a thought….at least you’ll know for sure. lol.

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