Qream by Pharrell

This past Tuesday I opened my email and found this in my inbox…

After QUICKLY responding to the email saying that I would definitely be in attendance, I did a small Google search to see what Pharrell’s new liquor was all about.

“I looked at the market, I looked at the holes out there and it felt  like ‘indulgence’ and ‘women’ were the two things that were being neglected,” he said. “When you pour a glass of Qream, it’s significantly less calories. It’s a thinner consistency, so a woman doesnt feel like she’s gained ten pounds just by thinking about drinking it.”

Pharrell then describes the delectibilty of the stuff.

“It’s definitely in the ice cream world, in the shake world.” –NY Observer

While I highly doubted that Pharrell would actually be in attendance, I figured the event would be worth my time to attend.  I’d get to test Qream, hang out with a friend or two and prayerfully meet some new people.  Boy oh boy, by entering with such low expectations, I had unknowingly set myself up for nothing more than success.

The day of the event my girl Erin met me at work and together we walked five short blocks to the NY Museum where the event was held.  Unfortunately our names couldn’t be found on the list but we were able to finagle our way into the event anyway.  I was immediately met with intense, banging music, a huge crowd of people and bright, flashing lights that seemed to be reflecting off of everything.  While I was concentrating on taking everything in, I noticed in my peripheral a short-statured, smaller man wearing a hat cocked to the side, relatively close to me by the entrance.  I glanced over and boom, I was locking eyes with Pharrell.  Lol.  I smiled.  He smirked back.

I stood there for a second since he was about to take a picture or two.  Afterwards, he was walking towards a group of people (who obviously seemed to know him quite well) near me.  Once he got near he stopped.  I saw it as my chance to make small talk but didn’t want to seem thirsty.  I made a comment about Qream, he elaborated how people were digging it; I mentioned pictures, he said we’d take one in a moment, as soon as he took care of something (I forget what it was).  Lol, “in a moment” never came.  He then spoke to the group he knew near me, then told us he’d be right back before heading to the lobby.  I didn’t wait around too long after that.  So yeah, that was that.  Haha!  Smh.  I bet that’s the last time I show up anywhere without being camera-ready.

Next up were the drinks!  We quickly found our way to the bar that had endless supplies of Strawberry Qream, Peach Qream and Ciroc.  We each tried the Strawberry which I am definitely a fan of.  It is everything that the marketing propaganda says that it is.  It was light, fresh and milk-like in flavor.  I can best describe it as a light, strawberry-flavored milk with a hint of alcohol.  I don’t want to call it crisp and fresh, because it wasn’t.  But it wasn’t thick and heavy either.  I’ll go with light and chill.  Later we tried the Peach.  I have one word for it.  N-O.  I’ll describe it as peach-flavored liquor mixed with milk…yeah, uh uh.   One thing that’s important to note is that Qream is 95% lactose-free, despite the heavy milk influence in the product.

A few things that were seen/overheard throughout the evening that helped contribute to my overall experience were:

I spotted maybe 2 or 3 security persons inside the venue the entire night.  That was crazy to me because of all of the bigger celebrities that were there.  It allowed us regular folks to mix and mingle with the best of them and maintain our composure lol.

I once found myself chest-to-face with Jay Z (his chest, my face) which was incredibly NORMAL in that moment.  I was standing in the lobby talking on the phone and the area was a bit tight.  I had my head downward to hear better and found myself confronted with a bold-green t-shirt.  I looked up to see who was in my way and found myself staring at the Jigga Man himself.

On my way back inside the venue after my brief run-in with Jay (lol) I realized I had accidently slighted Q Tip’s wife since I had cut her off when I squeezed my way inside the room after him.  I didn’t realize it was him until he had turned back to look for his wife.  I’m sorry Mrs 😦

Another time I was out in the lobby talking on the phone (the whole time I was on the phone with my other girl who was trying to get in.  She and I kept playing phone tag), I spied Tyson Beckford entering.  My, what a beautiful man.

The last time I was in the lobby (lol the lobby was JUMPIN yet most people didn’t know about it, hence all my run-ins, heeeeyyyy now!) I spied Meeka from Basketball Wives.  While yes, I thought about asking her who won the fight between her and Tammi, at the last minute I decided against it.  I’m not about the drama.

While inside I was standing near a couch texting (texting the same girl I was on the phone with from earlier lol) and noticed that right next to me a woman in a black lace dress was doing the same.  I smiled to myself at the similarity in our actions.  After looking at her face and exchanging friendly smiles I recognized her as Selita Ebanks.  Unfortunately 2 minutes later her rude friend/manager/whatever-she-was made Erin and I leave our couch because it was “Sealita’s Seat” only to abandon the entire area five minutes later when they learned that VIP was on the opposite side of the room.

Karmin (google them) performed!  Enough said 🙂

Lastly, after the Selita blunder along came Melyssa Ford and a few of her friends who joined Erin and I on the couch.  Small talk, laughs and fans-wanting-pictures-with-Melyssa ensued lol.

Excuse the quality...this is a BB picture of the original photo.

This was a photo opportunity that Erin and I took advantage of.  On the chaise you could strike whatever pose you chose and a photographer snapped your pic.  A color copy would print out as a party favor.  I grabbed a cupcake and tried my best to be original!

Overall, it was a definitely a great night!


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