Kenny’s Korner, Featuring Cornel West….

Because I'm just a mere 6 months older than him, I never let him forget that I'm the "big" cousin and he's the "little" cousin...lmbo

My little cousin Kenny is always sharing the most random, ridiculous stories EVER with our family…I told you all about how he dogged that homeless woman (or did she dog him?)…or the one time he took a solo trip to Jamaica and found himself in a club where he was confronted with a male little person stripper that was doing theeee most ASININE things with a few of the women there?!?!  Well, wait…I haven’t told that story…maybe another day.

This past weekend was a major family bonding one because his parents and little sister came up.  Saturday evening we were all sitting in the lobby of Aunt Lynne and Uncle Ken’s hotel eating a late evening snack/dinner, shooting the breeze and sharing stories.  At one point, Mike (Shelby’s husband) began elaborating on how monumental George Washington Carver’s uses for peanuts were (how he totally changed up the game on how we create products) and how he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.  Kenny must have been feeling the Black cultural vibe because he glanced over at Mike’s shirt that featured TONS of monumental Black figures and cocked his head to the side.

“Who’s that guy right there with the big afro and beard?” Kenny asked Mike, while pointing directly to a corner of Mike’s tshirt.

The man of the hour

“You talkin’ about Cornel West?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, that’s it.  I bumped into him this past week.  I knew he was important, I just couldn’t think of his name,” Kenny said.

“What!?” I asked.  Who just “bumps” into Cornel West like that?

“I was walking down the street in Fort Greene and he was standing there talkin to somebody so I said, ‘What’s up Doc.’ I mean, I knew he was important, I just couldn’t think of his name and what he’s actually done.” He continued.  “We chatted for a bit about nothing in particular and that was it.  He’s a real cool dude.”

For the next few minutes we attempted to figure out if Dr. West calls Brooklyn, NY home (maybe for the summer since we know he’s a professor at Princeton).  Do any of you know?

LOL!  I love my fam man!


2 thoughts on “Kenny’s Korner, Featuring Cornel West….

  1. I’m confused…. I thought you were in New York? Doesn’t Shelby and Mike live in DC now? How are you all together? What am I missing?

  2. Shelby and Mike moved back to NYC in June…he’s got a big boy job at Amex and Shelby is the assistant to the chef at The Chocolate Room. We all now meet up from time-to-time (we all live in Brooklyn this summer) and hang out 🙂

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