Skinny B!tch


This book comes highly recommended from Shelby

Earlier this week I mentioned how my eating habits have changed.  While I still manage to enjoy processed foods, I have  greatly downsized and am starting to think long and hard about the affects of certain foods in my body.  Majority of this insight was sparked by the NY Times Bestseller, Skinny Bitch.

The book came highly recommended by Shelby.  I must admit, I was kind of intimidated accepting the recommendation/book from her.  It seems that many of my cousins have been jumping on a non-meat diet bandwagon, as a result of knowing too much, and I wasn’t ready to give up my “ignorance is bliss” mentality.  After all, once you are made aware of a problem, it is now your duty to affect change.

Skinny Bitch’s agenda is to expose the food industry to the harsh realities our foods are having on our health.  Their findings are gruesome to say the least.

  • USA’s meat is not tested.  We discover that our meat is diseased when an outbreak is reported to enough people that authorities are forced to publicize the findings.  As a result countries such as Japan and Canada refuse to purchase our meat.
  • Meat is decaying flesh….fish too.  It’s a dead, decaying thing that is stuffed with preservatives and other things to help make it look fresh enough for us to consume.  But it’s decaying, dead and rotting.
  • Humans are not meant to consume large quantities of tough meat.  Our teeth are relatively flat, not sharp and jarring.  They are made to eat grasses, nuts and berries essentially.
  • Humans are the only species that drinks milk beyond the toddler stage…what makes it even worse is that we drink another animal’s milk at that, a cow’s.
  • Cow’s milk is extremely fatty because it is intended for calfs who need to gain roughly 200 pounds.  There’s NO WAY a “low fat” milk can be produced.  Milk is fatty by nature.
  • Many of the people who currently work for the FDA built their careers in our dairy and meat industries…this creates a conflict of interests which further prevents them from being quick to act against injustices committed in the food industry.
  • In the 1970’s when the FDA banned many pesticides (think DDT, et al) the USA had massive quantities of the stuff left over.  We sold our surplus to other countries.  They used those pesticides on their own plants, then sold us their produce that is now contaminated with those banned pesticides.
  • The slaughterhouses oftentimes boil chickens and pigs alive because they weren’t efficient in killing these animals the first go around.  The animals are essentially tortured.
  • The animals are smart (many having the intelligence of toddlers) and know when they’re about to die.  Their body’s release adrenaline and become tense, fearful, anxious and overall panicky and terrified at the time of their death.  The meat that we eat is tainted with that.  We are eating sadness, distress, resentment, fear and all other emotions associated with that.
  • Eggs are dead baby chickens…little fetuses.  And they are mass produced by those hormone-induced, stressed-out, anxious chickens.
  • Aspartame, the active ingredient in diet soda, was denied EIGHT times before it was finally approved…it was found to be cancer-producing in several studies but the people ultimately responsible for approving it, via the FDA, had previously worked for the company that completed the studies.

The book went into even greater detail about our diets, ways to improve it, and safe, ethical brands to purchase food from.  Everything they said made so much sense and it literally has me taking a second look at the food I eat and feeling some kind of way about it.

One change I have already committed myself to has been my commitment to breakfast.  I don’t miss it.  Furthermore, I try to make sure it’s a healthy serving of fruit.  Through Skinny B!tch, I have learned that the healthiest way to eat fruit is to eat it solo.  It stands a better chance of digestion.  When it is eaten with other foods, such as oatmeal or pancakes, your body takes much more time digesting it and the fruit winds up sitting in your stomach and fermenting.  It is recommended to give yourself at least 30 minutes to allow fruit to digest before eating something else.

Do yourself a favor and go read Skinny B!tch.  While ignorance is bliss, it doesn’t pay off in the long run.


10 thoughts on “Skinny B!tch

  1. Although I haven’t read “Skinny Bitch” yet, I have heard mixed reviews about it. Most of the negative reviews came from people who knew people who just stopped eating all together, which isn’t healthy either. I have done vegan a couple of times and I’m actually thinking of doing it for a longer period of time. It’s difficult because it’s expensive & dairy is in absolutely everything! (Cookies& other sweets et al)
    I recently read “Eat to Live” and it’s a similar concept; we are killing ourselves w/the foods we eat. The US’s obesity rates and rates of preventable fatal diseases is astounding and all caused by our diets–meat and dairy being the major culprits! It’s crazy.

  2. I’m going to put that on my reading list…I also didn’t know unhealthy it is to drastically switch to a vegan lifestyle! I’m taking it one day at a time. Currently I’m avoiding white flour if/when possible and have made a commitment to breakfast. Next on my agenda will be this mountain of meat…I’ll try cooking with seitan later this month.

    What kinds of things were you eating when you went vegan for a week?

  3. my thing is that everything is okay in moderation. In the US we have a problem grasping that concept. If you eat steak everyday can all of those additional toxins have an effect on you? Of course, but if you only eat it twice a month then you’d be fine. People forget how efficient the human body is at eliminating waste. It starts to break down when there is too much waste. by totally eliminating meats and some other foods you put yourself at risk of not getting many of the nutrients your body needs. People may try to combat that by taking supplements, however the vitamin industry isnt regulated so whose to say that multivitamin has everything in it thats listed at those levels. Its a vicious cycle. thats why i say everything in moderation, and we could all do better if we participated in a fast everynow and then.

    • Eating in moderation is a great point Scott. And you’re right, vitamins and supplements aren’t always the safest, best route to go. Overall, this book has just really made me think twice about what I’m eating and how it affects my body. I definitely have a history of eating EXTREMELY unhealthy food on a regular basis so I needed to change.

  4. Love this, Yancey! I’m going to pick up a copy. Changing the way we eat has been on my mind for a while. A friend from our Bible study said that her family’s allergy and asthma issues were drastically reduced when they cut wheat and dairy out of their diets. . .I’ve been considering doing the same (for my allergies) but I’m afraid I will get vampire red eyes without cheese.

    • Yeah, food has so much to do with what you eat! I know one of my cousin’s was having some terrible bouts of acne, but once she cut gluten out of her diet her acne has cleared up SO much!

  5. I haven’t read the book, but I saw a documentary that goes into a few of the bullet points you listed above. The documentary is called “Food Inc.” If you can withstand some of the visuals in it then I believe you will enjoy it, especially if you liked this book.

    • I keep hearing about “Food Inc.” I’m not sure I’m ready for it lol…it’s one thing to read about something and visualize it; it’s another to see it watching you on a tv screen.

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