He Apologized.

Remember the other day when I was upset about an exchange between my boss and I?

He apologized today after making me sign a verbal warning for being “neglectful,” while assuring me it isn’t as serious as a write-up, despite the fact that it will be stored in my employee file.

While he didn’t exactly say “I’m sorry,” he did let me know that lately he’s come under a lot of pressure and it’s only natural for it to trickle down the totem pole lol.

“All that stuff I said…my voice getting loud, all of that, means nothing.  I want you here.  I do not hate you or anything like that.  Okay?”

Okay 🙂

A sincere, heartfelt apology means more to me than most things in life…especially now that I’m older.  If you owe someone an apology, just go do it already! 🙂 

With that being said, have a phenomenal weekend!

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