Shelby: The Outsider’s Perspective

The month of August wasn’t the kindest to me.  Well…actually…I dunno.  Lately I’ve just been getting a bit overwhelmed with life and have lightweight checked out and succombed to the pressure.  While internally I feel like I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water, to others it appears I am living the life.  Check out this post Shelby wrote about this past Monday when I dropped by her job to say hello and enjoy some dessert…

Whatta Life!

This chick has the nerve to tell me she is tired
of New York.
Meanwhile, she comes into the restaurant on
Memorial Day.
It’s a holiday and I am working
(like every holiday and
weekend for the rest of my life)
She doesn’t have work today.
I am hot,
sweaty, and working hard.
I work in a nice restaurant (not fancy), but
So for those that don’t know about working in
the kitchen:
I cannot wear makeup, nail polish, and I have
to wear a head scarf and uniform.
ANYWAYS, this chick comes in to my job.
Wait! Let’s back up – she texts me her
Wait! Let’s back up I know her order by
Brownie, strawberry ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.
Everything is made from scratch –
so she is
literally eating my sweat, blood (exaggeration), and tears.
Well, not
literally – but figuratively – but you know what I am saying.
SO, she comes in wearing bright pink nail
Peach lip stick and a mini-skirt
Feeling fresh and excited
And telling me about the three parties that she
is going to.
“Whatchu doin’ cous?”
Working all day.
Taking a lunch
break of two boiled eggs and a banana.
“Oh, well gotta run – let’s hang out
tomorrow?!? Botanical gardens?”
Working again, cousin.
“Oh. Well, love
Hops in the car off to a party or three for the night.
Seriously, whatta life.

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