What A Headache!

Phone conversation between myself and my landlord after I paid the balance of my rent to her nephew (because she wasn’t available for me to hand it to her personally)…

“I believe there’s been some kind of mix-up Ashley.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nephew said you gave him part of the rent due…I thought you were
paying your rent?”

“Right.  I handed you half of the rent as a deposit last week and handed him the remainder this morning.”

“Oh my goodness.  We definitely have a problem.  There’s a lot of confusion.  The place you have is $75 more…”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, see I have several units.  The cheaper one is a few blocks over and I could show you that one.  It’s definitely a lot different from where you’re staying at.”

“I responded to a Craig’s List ad for the cheaper room.  When I called you and discussed everything with you we discussed the cheaper room.  Not
once have you ever mentioned this bigger, more expensive one.”

“Well see, another problem, where’s your deposit?”

“You never mentioned one word about a deposit in your Craig’s List ad or when I talked to you.  I am not in a position to pay you anybody’s deposit anytime soon.”

Smh.  Smh.  Smh.

Guess.  Who.  Is.  Severely.  Frustrated.  ?.

When I first moved to NYC my living situation was a bit awkward… After several weeks I took to Craig’s List to start apartment shopping.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do a “room for rent” which is another way of saying “roommate.” I had a few specifics I was
looking for.

  1. Price: I wasn’t trying to spend much more than $6-700 a month.  I wasn’t sure how much I could depend on earning from my job and needed to make sure that even if I was flat broke, I would be able to pay rent.  Furthermore, I was interested in paying NO deposit.  If I’m only going to be sticking around for a month or two, why am I paying you a deposit that matches my rent?  Makes no sense to me.
  2. Location: My family that I hang out with the most (Shelby and Mia) are located in Bedstuy so the closer I am to them, the more secure I feel.
  3. Furnished: I am NOT trying to buy a dresser/bed/etc. if I don’t have to.  Besides, those things are a headache to move.
  4. Utilities included: No elaboration necessary.
  5. Updated features: Newer appliances, fresh bathroom, nice floors, etc would again make me feel most comfortable.

It wasn’t long before I found a furnished room-for-rent, all utilities included for $610.  I moved in August 1 and had to be out by the end of the month (because I would be finishing up the girl’s 1-year lease).

As it turns out, those thirty days wound up being quite lengthy for me.  The other two women that lived in the apartment weren’t the cleanest and I am a bit particular I am learning.  I have pet peeves-like I despise using sponges to wash dishes, hate when sanitary napkins aren’t disposed of properly, despise seeing dust/hair in a bathroom, etc…I mean the list is endless, and these ladies violated most of them.

As a result I revised my specifics…

  1. Price: I took my budget up a bit to $800-ish.  I realized that I may need to pay more for how I want to live.  I still was not interested in deposits though.  Again, if I only plan on staying 1-2 months, why do I need to pay you a deposit that is equivalent to a full month’s rent?
  2. Location: I still wanted to live in Bedstuy.
  3. Furnished: Now all I needed was a bed.  I didn’t care about a dresser, desk, nightstand, etc.
  4. Utilities included: For $800, they better be included.
  5. Updated features: I don’t care about this as much.   Just make sure it’s clean!

I looked up the ad for this current place and it seemed like a fit.  For $700, no deposit, I would be getting a bed (not a twin size either!), two nightstands, a big dresser, desk, chair, mantle, A/C, and two closets with all the utilities included!  It is only five blocks from my family (as opposed to 1+ miles like my old place was) and street parking was plentiful.  Lastly, there would be no rush to leave.  The landlord required a 2-month minimum stay but anything beyond that is considered month-to-month.

I moved in a couple of days early, paid my rent, had that conversation and was instantly turned off.  We came to a compromise where she offered the room to me for $750 and to break my security deposit up over the next three months so that I’m paying $1000 a month.

I dunno.

The kitchen is just big enough for an oven, fridge and microwave.  There is no kitchen table, stool or chairs.  There is no common living room area.  The bathroom is not much bigger than a closet that is extremely dated and uses a sliding wooden door with no lock-I share it with a fashion design student and the landlord’s middle-aged brother…

Or I THOUGHT I shared it with them.  I recently saw a half-naked man leaving the upstairs (where the bathroom, kitchen and my bedroom are all located) from using the bathroom.  In that moment it hit me.  While the brother and the student are upstairs with me, the downstairs has 3-4 rooms…are all those people using the upstairs bathroom?  When you find out, could you please let me know?

Oh, and did I mention my room’s lock/doorknob is broken?  The landlord hasn’t fixed it since I’ve moved in.

Hmm…is it worth it?

And with that being said, the apartment hunt continues.

I’m pretty much over NYC.   The job situation is something else…I’ll share that with you all another time.


One thought on “What A Headache!

  1. Oh Fancy, your stories never once get old lol and you should have known you’re particular long before you stepped foot into any of those situations. Stay strong homie!!

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