NYC: The Biggest, Small City EVER

In a city like NYC, everyone understands the importance of “networking.”  It’s vital to your success to know people.  Unfortunately, “networking” doesn’t come naturally to someone like me.  While I am quite social and love to talk (lol), engaging in lengthy conversations with random people I’ve never met is intimidating to say the least.  I hate doing it.

Thankfully, in this city I have been able to get away with no networking (meaning I’ve yet to show up to an event and “try” to network).  On the flip side, EVERY SINGLE TIME I step out for fun, social gatherings I’ve found myself connecting with people in new, interesting ways.

For example…

Earlier this summer I attended an anniversary party for BklynQueens, a women’s vintage clothing store.  I’d heard about it back in Ohio because Azure’D, my sorority sister, attended high school with Keira, the founder.

While there I bumped into Jessica, my sorority sister who is also my ADP (she was the assistant to the dean of my chapter’s 2006 pledge class)!  Would you believe that Keira and Jessica are best friends?  They are all from Columbus, Ohio!

"You had me at hello!" lol

So yeah, I’m at the anniversary party and this woman comes in with the TALLEST.  HAIR.  EVER.  Like, I’ve never seen anything like it.  She definitely stood out because of her hair’s awesomeness.  There was SO MUCH one had to question it’s authenticity, like “Is that even real?”  She and I chatted for a few and I learned that she’d been natural for five years (if my memory serves me correctly).  We later became facebook friends and I discovered she has her own vintage and natural-hair inspired blog,

It wasn’t until several weeks later I was watching television when I saw her in this KMart commercial…

Wow!  I’m telling you, it’s a small world out here!


One thought on “NYC: The Biggest, Small City EVER

  1. OMG you have me rolling, lol. I can’t stop laughing!!! Yes definitely all mine (I have to watchout when exiting the trains because my hair never clears the top of the doors, lol) and I can’t wait to do a feature on you and your line 😀

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