Booger and Earwax Eaters Unite!

"Yummy in my tummy is what's coming next!"

Yesterday Shelby and I were traipsing about throughout Cobble Hill, Brooklyn when out of nowhere she spotted a nasty little girl.

“Oh my gosh Ashley!  Look at that little girl!  She’s digging up her nose!” Shelby said.

I looked around to see where Shelby was pointing at.  Sure enough, being pushed around in a toddler’s stroller was a young girl with her finger FAR up her nose.  She was absentmindedly digging for treasure and I found myself erupting in laughter.

“You wanna know something?  I bet she’s gonna eat it!  Watch,” I told Shelby.

“Eww, Ashley!?  Why would you say that?  Like…why do you always go there!?!?  You always take stuff too far…gross!  She wouldn’t do that,” Shelby said between giggles.

Like clockwork, Shelby and I watched that little girl pull her finger out of her nose, inspect her recent findings, then plop them hurriedly inside of her mouth.

“I can’t believe it.  You were right!” Shelby said.

She was met with my obnoxious laughter.  Of course I was right.  Isn’t that what all little kids do anyway?

“How did you know she’d do that though?  I didn’t even see that coming,” Shelby asked.  “Wait!  I know how you knew.”

“How?” I said.

“Because you used to do it too!  Remember when we were little and you told me about how you ate your earwax?!  And then one day I tried it and it tasted horrible!  I was like, ‘How does Ashley eat this stuff?’  You ate your boogers too.  Boogers and earwax.  Ashley, you were disgusting.”



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