Guiness Book of World Records Came Callin! You Think I DIDN’T Answer?!?!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the unfortunate news regarding Don Cornelius.  Care to join me for a moment of silence?  Great.

*moment of silence*

No doubt that man affected so many of our lives.  It didn’t suprise me one bit too log onto Facebook a few days later and saw that a friend I’ve met up here was attending a flash mob in Times Square to be apart of the largest Soul Train line ever, in tribute of Don.  I looked up the date and time and made a commitment to be there.  After sending out a text message to my family and close friends, I blew out my hair into a massive afro to get in the spirit and made moves to Midtown…

My girl on the right indirectly told me about it. My girl on the left came with 🙂

This past Saturday wound up being an awesome time, in true Soul Train fashion!  I danced my butt off, met up with my family (Shelby and Mike, hey yall!) and created memories that will undoubtedly mark one of my best days spent in this city thus far.  And of course I ultimately managed to finagle my way through the chaotic crowd and got my 5 seconds of shine spinning and twirling down the Soul Train line….

I can be spotted at the 0:21 and 1:26 markers.  Yanceys/Stones/Adams/Lightfoots, I put on for us! Haha 🙂

I’ve been told that this event has been recorded with the Guinness Book of World Records team as the largest Soul Train line ever.  Unfortunately, the swagger jackers that exist in Atlanta, GA are attempting to compete.  A sorority sister of mine sent me a picture of this email blast that’s being circulated down there as I type.

They are rallying their troops to break NYC's record.

NYC is a tough bunch of people.  I dare Atlanta to try it.  I bet up here, we’ll be right back at it the next week to break whatever they attempt to build.

Yeah, I said it!


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