I’m Back

     In 2004 I was introduced to English Composition 111.   As a freshman at Miami University, my instructor, merely a grad student himself, decided that one of our long-term assignments to work on throughout the semester would be a “blog.”  That term fell on ignorant ears-we were all clueless about what that would entail.  He described it as a simple way to stay in touch with friends and family that you may not talk to regularly.  On a blog you could write blurbs on your life, things of interest, post photos and anything else that you fancied. He himself had one that he maintained and said that it proved to be a valuable resource for the folks that cared about what he had going on.  He encouraged us to think beyond the four walls in that residence hall basement (that served as our classroom) for our own individual blogs, to remember that this was an undertaking that could be maintained long after our short semester with him. 

     I had rolled my eyes at his idea.  I chalked up the assignment as simply, “Stuff White People do,” did what I had to do for the class and landed my A.  I already knew nobody close to me would be reading one word of this supposed blog.  My family wasn’t computer saavy-I chalked that up to stuff, “Black People do,” and all my close, college friends were joining the new website, The Facebook.

     Fast forward to now, 2012.  I’m in this new city (8 months on the 10th but hey, who’s counting?), encountering new things daily and ultimately learning more about myself than I could have EVER imagined.  At the root of it all, I so desperately want those close to me, who care about me, to participate in this journey in some way with me.  I don’t have the time or resources to call everyone on the phone or send an email their way so I decided to go technical-old school…I want to bring back the original “blog” concept.

     Moving forward, this blog is going to be a pretty personal, sometimes intimate, look at my life, my opinions, my interests, and whatever else comes across my path.  It’s purpose is simple-those that care now have a resource to check in on Ashley/Yancey/(Asha)Mina/Amy/Fancy lol.

I’m back guys 🙂 I’ve missed you much and love you even more.


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