Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Right before I took my hiatus from this site, I mentioned that there were three things I needed to bring in order before I would be prepared to dedicate my time/energy to writing…

“I’m 1) looking for a solid apartment, 2) looking for a great job, 3) looking for a stable home for Montey.” -Oct 27, 2011


  1. I am now a (cautious) resident of Bushwick, Brooklyn.  After being a random nomad of various Brooklyn neighborhoods (including, but not limited to Crown Heights, BedStuy and Parkslope) I have now found a place to comfortably lay my head at night.  Rent out here is pretty cheap ($1300 for a two-bedroom) and the neighborhood is patrolled actively enough by police officers.
  2. While I am still looking for a great job…I am nearing the final stages of interviews with an amazing company that I will (prayerfully)  land an amazing position with.  It’s in a completely new industry that will teach me new concepts while utilizing my current skillset.  It will challenge me just enough while also giving me the satisfaction of a great job well done at the end of the day.  In addition, earlier this week I landed a part-time position as a co-host of a new video web-series.  We will be discussing relationships/sex with public figures in the entertainment industry.  I’m pretty excited about it because it will serve as a more casual, creative outlet for me.  It will get those juices flowing!  No pun intended.  The first interview is next week.  After seeing how it all pans out, I may share more.
  3. Montey is at home in Ohio with his Grandma who is taking excellent care of him (with a little coaxing and guidance by his Grandfather) in his Mommy’s absence.  Montey’s Uncle Ty is also pitching in as necessary.   He’s doing well…NYC wasn’t very nice to him 😦

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten a few questions about my novel I wrote and my tshirts…

  1. The novel, Paradigm, has gone nowhere.  All extra/creative energy I’ve had has gone towards merely existing (and now maintaining) in this dog-eat-dog city.  It’s. No. Joke.  Indeed, a concrete jungle.  At this point I’m taking baby steps.  I have to tread carefully, adding little things on my plate slowly so that I am able to successfully manage it all.  First has been this blog.  Prayerfully in the coming weeks it will include editing (a.k.a. rewriting) Paradigm.
  2. My tshirts?  See above.  Lol, but for real…that thing called “creative energy” can be quite evasive up here.  Couple that with the fact that I feel some kind of way about pimping marketing myself has created quite a few roadblocks that I’m attempting to tear down.

Give me some time…I’m getting it together.


2 thoughts on “Slow and Steady Wins the Race

  1. Hey, welcome back! When I was in NYC last month I stayed with my homie in Brooklyn over in Bushwick off Jefferson or what not…seemed like an ok neighborhood. *shrugs*. Glad to see everthing seems to be on the up and up for ya!

    • Oh, and I my homeboy was telling me that the landlord was really trying to call the area he lives in “East Williamsburg” to make it sound more appealing, lol.

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