The New Answer to an Old Hair Question/Problem: L.O.C.

Lately my hair has been incredibly dry.  I know that one answer is to apply more moisturizers daily but I don’t have that sort of discipline with my hair.  Remembering to apply certain oils on specific days and tying my hair up in certain ways is honestly too much for me to maintain.  I am a simple girl who likes a basic routine.

As a result the past few days I’ve been researching a better, easier way to not only get moisture into my hair, but keep it there.  For awhile I’ve been a subscriber to “oil sealing.”  In a nutshell it’s using whatever water/moisturizers you want on your hair then applying oil last, as a means of sealing all of the moisture in.  The science behind it is the oil molecules are larger than the water/moisturizers so they will block the moisture from getting out.  While it sounds great, it doesn’t last me much longer than a day or so.  My hair is left feeling dry after a few hours.

Thank goodness I have now come across the L.O.C. (liquid, oil, cream) method created by Chicoro, the author of Grow It.  The LOC method is implemented by

  1. Applying water or aloe-based liquid
  2.  Applying oil
  3. Applying cream

The science behind LOC is that the oil will seal in the water, and then the cream will sit on top and slowly over time seep into the hair strand, delivering moisture on an as-needed basis.  After washing and conditioning my hair, I’ve been applying a quarter-sized amount of grapeseed or extra virgin olive oil on my hair (focusing on my ends) and finishing it with a leave-in conditioner.

Honestly, I don’t really care a whole lot about the science behind any of the different methods.  I’m just concerned about results.  I have to say that in this crazed, bi-polar weather, utilizing the LOC method has given my hair new moisture that it maintains for several days.  I have juicy curls with no greasy/oily feeling afterwards!  My hair is once again soft, manageable and looks a lot healthier (it will take more time to figure out if it actually is healthier).  I am a happy camper and it’s something I’ll be doing until my hair says otherwise.

Juicy, moisturized hair for multiple days



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