I’m not thankful enough in my personal life.  Too often I make the choice to focus on the negatives.  I find myself getting overwhelmed and then retreat into my own little corner where I cut myself off from the world and concentrate on the stressful situation(s).  With so much energy concentrated on the less-than-ideal obstacles, I lose sight of my blessings.  That is surely a recipe for disaster.

I’ve been talking to God about it.  He knows I’ve been in need of some support.  Yesterday he directed me to, the personal blog of a young woman named Leah, where every single day she writes a thank you note to some aspect of her life.  Leah is able to take the most basic, mundane tasks and find the brighter side…

Dear Margin Notes,

Thanks for allowing me to look back, years later, and allowing me to see what a different me thought was important and what was worthy of underlining.



Dear Cereal,

Thank you for being even more delicious at night.  There is something about eating you when I’m not supposed to be that ups your tastiness.  I guess transgression adds flavor.



Dear Losing,

Thanks for feeling better than winning this time.  Unexpected you underdog.



In the spirit of Leah’s phenomenal habit of writing Thank You letters to the daily happenings in her life, I would like to pen a few of my own…

Dear Tyler Perry,

Thank you for releasing Mr. Deeds this weekend.  Shelby, Mike and I had an amazing Saturday night date with the entire Cobble Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Because the packed audience was Black we all laughed, snickered and cried out at the same times.  The spirit of community that is present in all your films was something that paid off tremendously for us.

Much Love,


Dear Lent,

Thank you for removing social networks from my life.  I am now able to be more present in my daily life.  I’m doing more living, less observing.  I’m reconnecting with the world in a way I haven’t in awhile.


Fancy A. Yancey

Dear BlackBerry phone,

Thak you for making sure I receive all my texts and phone calls.  This past weekend you were so clutch.  I was able to get some of my insurance licenses renewed during the 23rd hour as well as check in on Mom and the folks back home.  Lastly, early Friday morning’s phone call that came through…that 3:29AM one?  Yeah, I needed that.

Thanks a million,



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