About These Last Few Days…

Here it is, after 11PM, and I’m just now getting home after spending nearly 12 hours at work (after being out until the wee hours of the morning the night before).  It is safe to say that with the arrival of the beautiful weather, our busy season at the J-O-B is just getting started!  I realized that it’s been roughly a week since I’ve been on here and while I don’t have anything newsworthy to share, it can’t possibly hurt to update my loved ones on what the heck I’ve been up to!

I recently made a trip home to visit with those nearest and dearest to my heart!  Some highlights of the trip include…

  • Mom is handling business at her new job.
  • Dad is emerging from the hectic frenzy best known as tax season up at Insurance Warehouse.
  • Lil bro Ty has acquired a belly and has now been nicknamed Gucci/OJ by myself and Jon Jon, our youngest bro, lmbo (when we’re feeling nice we call him Drakey because y’all know Ty looks like Drake’s little brother).
  • Speaking of Jon Jon, he is now growing out his hair into some sort of randomness…while I told him how unkempt it looks, he assured me he is setting trends and now all the other popular kids at school are growing afro’s because of him.  *blankstare*
  • Baby sis Jordan/Booter now has all A’s with two B’s which is a VAST improvement from where she was several weeks ago…before I got ALLLL up in her business and let her now how bad grades will NOT fly especially if she’s seriously trying to one day become a member of DST).
  • Little cousin Jana was 39 weeks pregnant and I spent those days I was home hoping her water would break so that I could get the first peek at  Baby Temperance.
  • Veronika and I received the best customer service EVER while we were out and about searching for the perfect gift for someone special…well, I thought it was the best customer service.  V rolled her eyes as I ooh’ed and aah’ed at the sales associates’ mini-presentations.

As I said before, since arriving back in this city, it’s been non-stop go, Go, GO!  When I’m not working my day job I’ve been stalking Shelby at hers so that we can squeeze a precious 20-minute date into the middle of our work week, as we have nearly opposite schedules.  We’ve both been terribly homesick, so we’ve been clinging to each other a bit more than usual.  😦  I also linked up with my Friends With Benefits homies and Ruben Studdard to discuss his album that was released this past Tuesday.  Additionally, we delved into the realm of social networking and how it affects relationships-that video should be posted soon.  Lastly, I was FINALLY able to see my boo Wale! 😉 I love that man’s voice!

This weekend things should calm down quite a bit.  I will finally be able to kick up my feet, respond to those missed calls and overall, get my life anchored.

Also, if you’re upset that I may not have responded to you via social networking, try shooting me an email or text.  Besos!


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