I Got the Hookup!

Recently I found myself on Zappos.com placing an order for the very first time.  After completing the order I noticed it was being shipped to the wrong address.  I reluctantly picked up the phone and called their customer service.  Besides being incredibly cheerful, positive and upbeat (NYC’s lack of good service really makes me appreciate the little things like, “Hello, how may I help you today?”  Seriously) the representative went on to offer me an additional benefit.

“Ashley I would be happy to upgrade you to our VIP program.  From now on whenever you visit www.vip.Zappos.com you can enjoy express, one-day shipping for free.”

“Oh wow!  Thank you!  Wait, does this cost anything?”  I was skeptical.

“No, not at all.  We really value you as a customer.  Anytime you need to place an order just visit that site and by using your regular log-in information, you will be given access and can enjoy those benefits.”

The representative wound up emailing the information to me, but it really is as simple as she said it would be.  Zappos is amazing.  Period.

I encourage you to contact the company and inquire about their VIP program.  Their customer service is so amazing, they won’t tell you no.  Honestly, if you are getting free, 1-day shipping on whatever you order, regardless if it’s $1 or $100, CLEARLY Zappos will be the #1 company you online shop through (when it comes to clothes, shoes, home, beauty and accessories).

Furthermore, I wound up having to exchange my order (swimsuit sizing is challenging to say the least) and after calling Zappos, they sent me another item the very next day along with a pre-paid return label to return the original one.

I’m a very happy customer.


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