The New Substance I’m Consuming

I drink coffee now!

Can you believe it?  I certainly can NOT!

I blame it all on NYC.  The crazy, hectic, frenzied pace of life takes it’s toll and I had reached THE crossroads.

Every NYC’er knows which crossroads I’m referring to…you know, the choice to determine which “C” substance will be the newest staple in your life.  We have two options.

  1. Cocaine
  2. Coffee (and other energy drinks)

I’ve chosen the latter.

So this shall serve as my PSA to all my family and closest friends that I have joined your ranks of not only enjoying the bitter, rich, hot beverage, but craving it!  So…Mom, Daddy, Aunt Lynne, Shelby (old news to you but act like you didn’t know for this post’s sake), Jordan, Renny, Grandma, Uncle Ken, Aunt Renee, Uncle Todd, V, et al, I have just one question for you all…

Wanna go out and grab a cup of coffee/espresso/latte?


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