Really Jarell, Really?!

It’s no secret that I’ve always been RIDE OR DIE for B2K, the most phenomenal young men’s quartet to hit the music scene in this new millennium, (hence the group’s name which is short for “boys of the new millennium” but I digress), and while new singers have come into the spotlight, none have struck my fancy quite like that group, and more specifically, their hypeman, J-Boog.  No matter how old I get, whenever I hear a B2K track or see a picture of Jarell from back in those days, I revert back to that teenage girl who lived and breathed to be B2K’s number one fan.  My AIM screenname is still YanceyandB2K4eva (don’t judge me).

With that being said, I was recently reading an article that was catching me up on B2K members’/his whereabouts (yes, I still check in periodically…one thing about me is that I love HARD).  I am now kind of salty to learn he has three children.  Three.  Not one, as I previously was aware of, but three.  And then we can’t forget about that arrest stemming from a chaotic argument with his chick…


I don’t play the baby mama/daddy game.  And domestic violence charges because of a heated argument?  I’m not used to my significant others raising their voices at me in aggressive manners…ever.

And with this new knowledge it looks like I have come to the realization that he and I will never be, we.  :p

He’s still fine though!

*reaches over to play B2K’s first album and reminisce*


One thought on “Really Jarell, Really?!

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