April 15, 2006

Renegade IV

Six years ago I became a proud member of the Zeta Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  The news was honestly too good to be true…I was so overwhelmed I was moved to tears.  It meant that I was now a contributing member to the legacy of some of the greatest Black women who have ever walked this earth.  It meant that I now had an instant network to rely on, with the Delta shield being our common denominator.  It meant that no matter where I traveled I could find a sister who had some sense of obligation to show me around, set me up on a path of progress. It meant that Zeta Mu at Miami University would always be home, that I would always have strong ties to the women who cared enough to instill the ideals and support my search to the Delta light.  And finally, it meant that there were three other women, through our shared experience in this quest for membership, who now had a permanent place in my heart…for life.

Death marching, then posting up, at our show:)

I don’t believe the reality actually HIT me until a high school friend of mine, Sean Walton, sent me a message on facebook (a few weeks after I had crossed) that he would not be posting any congratulatory messages on my wall until I changed my profile picture to one that was Delta-inspired.  Lol, I got right on it and posted this…

This was always my favorite piece of DST art...it still is.

Unfortunately, I have not been financially-active with the sorority.  Deep-down, I know that’s why I don’t like running around throwing up my pyramid, rocking ‘nalia, etc…I know I’ve beeen a bad Delta.  I made a promise with one of my sands to become financially active this month, as a way to commemorate/celebrate our anniversary.  I’m excited about it because I did make a sincere, lifetime commitment when I joined and it’s important to me that I fulfill those duties.  I need to be out here doing a LOT more service, meeting a LOT more women, and just overall contributing a LOT more positive energy towards the entire human experience.  According to our agreement, we have until the end of this month to fork over those hard-earned dollas!


One thought on “April 15, 2006

  1. Skeeee-Ooop!!

    Ashley -congrats on 6 years……..it is aways a good idea to stay active and give back since Sororities are much more than the few years you spend on a college campus.. Its the lifetime of sisterhood and service that really makes you part of that sorority and community. Hee hee its been umm well 29 years (almost) as an AKA for me with yes years active and not active. Once I left the campus sorority life and came home, I joined the Philly Grad Chapter as soon as I got out of college. It was more than throwing boat rides and casino nights (although those were the bomb!! lol) it was also about being a GREAT Grad advisor for the Phila City Chapter (5 schools), doing community service and seeing Soror’s in their 80’s and 90’s still coming to meetings…. inspiring…and the networking. Many Many many very powerful women to connect with…..

    Hey we can talk about it over a nice cup of coffee some time soon ( or ice coffe this summer )LOL

    Aunt Renee

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