Everything’s Bigger In Texas

I’m incredibly late, but I came across this video of a father who shot his teenage daughter’s laptop with his .45 caliber handgun earlier this year.  Why?  Because she posted a disrespectful status about him on Facebook!  The dad shoots the laptop…on camera…then tells his daughter she owes him the money for the bullets.  You seriously watch him shoot it.  CrAzY!!!

This video brings back memories of life with my own father.  We definitely used to go back and forth about our varying perspectives on life and he had his own unique ways of discipline, just as this father does.  While my dad never shot anything in my presence, I used to come across the biggest bullets EVER mixed in with the change in his coin container (Dad spent several years as a Dayton cop and later, detective).  Ty, my younger brother, and I used to sit around and brainstorm what Dad’s guns must look like and if he’d ever used them.  All we knew is that we never wanted to find out.  Thank God we never did lol!


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