Contrary To Popular (Male) Belief, Sharing IS Caring!

Recently I found myself in the middle of an intense social media conflict that was all centered around the fact that too often, women confiscate tshirts and basketball shorts from men without returning them.  The men argued that the shorts can be expensive and oftentimes hold sentimental value.  From there they brought up other things that women may take of theirs including, but not limited to, juice that may be found in their refrigerators.


This man had graphic tees and basic community service tees…on this particular day I took one of each *shrug*

If a man has tons of t-shirts at his disposal (nearing the hundreds), what difference does it make for the woman in his life to take several?  While I understand that men pay good money for their graphic tees that I find so attractive, many are old tshirts from community service and organizations he may have been involved in years ago.  Why act so stingy?

Regarding basketball shorts, I understand they’re not always cheap.  If he’s a man of particular taste, he probably purchases Jordan shorts.  For that reason, I wouldn’t dare take more than 1 or 2.  I appreciate the value of a hard-earned dollar and I imagine those type of premium shorts are the summation of several of those dollars…several more than I’m trying to pay anyways.

However, just because I am a woman who has taken a pair of shorts or a tshirt or two does not make me a ruthless, cutthroat chick who’s out here taking whatever she can get.  I don’t have piles of shorts and t-shirts stockpiled in my room somewhere, ready to hand out to all my girlfriends who are sleeping over for the night.  Quite the contrary I’m actually sentimental , someone who appreciates the little things.  Because I’m not married (meaning I’m not living with the object of my affection and sleeping in the same bed with him every night), having an oversized t-shirt to throw on before bedtime is a small gesture that makes me feel that much closer to the original owner of said t-shirt.  The same goes for the shorts-if I happen to be cleaning or lounging around the house for a few hours, nothing is more comfortable than a pair of basketball shorts to toss on.

When men start seeing these small articles of clothing disappear on occasion, frustration and annoyance should be the very last emotions to rise to the surface.  As a man if you are crying that much over the cost of some basic, petty basketball shorts and t-shirts, there are bigger issues at hand that we should be discussing….such as you possibly needing a second job so you no longer feel pressed for basketball shorts and t-shirt money?  Understand that the taking of your shorts and t-shirts are acts of endearment, of sensibility, of ultimate comfort on behalf of your lady.

Regarding the juice that was mentioned earlier…I’m not even going to acknowledge that.  I simply haven’t got the time.


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