Reflective Rant

How do you tell someone they’re standing on their last leg, because they have worked your last nerve, and you are ready to cancel them out of your life for good, one final time?  Even more challenging, how do you get this message across without directly telling them this?

I guess some folks write a blog post and secretly hope that said subject picks up the hint.

But what if they don’t?  And then you do what you have to do?  And instead of viewing it as it is, which is you standing by your ideals and what you find to be important, the opposing party has turned you into a cold, calculating b!tch who is unreasonable.

I guess this would all be so much easier if everyone sat down to talk about things but I don’t like always having to talk things out.  I don’t like having to confront stuff.  I’d rather just throw up a dismissive hand, turn my back and walk away.  Life is short.  Do I really have the time to hold your hand, and guide you through what is obvious, common sense to me?  If I’ve gotta do that, we’re not on the same length anyways…I’d prefer to surround myself around, if not like-minded, at least similarly-minded, individuals.

But knowing stubborn me, I won’t be sitting down to hash things out.  I’ll remember this, harbor a grudge, and lock it away.  No more see-you-later.

And no, I can’t imagine that I’d want to talk about this post at a later date either.

Goodbye friend.


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