Island Hopping

For nearly a week now, I’ve been stranded on an island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Most morning’s, such as this one, are comprised of me sitting outside my family’s rented home listening to the deep bass from random rap songs of passing cars compete with the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean’s waves.  This morning’s soundtrack is “Baby By Me,” by 50 Cent.  How unfitting lol.

It’s while I’m sitting here, pondering what I’m going to spend the day doing, that I realize I’m slowly losing my mind.  While I have been looking forward to this vacation for weeks, months even, now that I’m here I find myself getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of extracurricular and entertainment options.  From what I’ve seen so far, the men’s Glee Club hosting an evening concert at the nearby corner church has been about as good as it will get.

Martha’s Vineyard has been known for decades as a summertime retreat for those needing a getaway from the hustle and bustle of their hectic lives.  What is one to do after they’ve had more than their share of tanning/beach days, sampling all of the local ice cream shops and souvenir shops, eating themselves into oblivion, drinking until they can’t sit up straight and talking until they are all talked out?

Sit in silent solitude and reflect.

How often do we have a neverending opportunity to think and do a lot of nothing?  To actually be bored?  Bored meaning that there is nothing we could actually be doing?  With limited Internet accessibility and cell phone reception one’s task list becomes uncharacteristically short and simplistic.  It is in these places of inactivity and boredom that the human mind is able to get creative.

I’ve been reflecting on the individual relationships I share with all 19 people who have shared this experience with me.  I’ve been reflecting on my personal lifestyle choices.  I’ve also been reflecting on my personal values and standards.  And finally, I’m reflecting on where I see myself in the next few years.  After I finish reflecting there isn’t a whole lot else to do so then I sit, think and reflect some more.  Spending eight days on an island doesn’t give me many other options.

Close my eyes and breathe (just breathe)

And suddenly, I can feel a breeze (feel a breeze)

Let yourself float away cause you spent every day strugglin’

I know that my escape is an island, just an island away.


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