Who Was Your First Best Friend?

I glanced down at my phone at work to check out my latest text message.


Instantly my face lit up.  My younger brother Ty was hitting me up!  Ty doesn’t reach out to me often (it’s usually me hitting him up! lol), only when he’s missing me bunches or has some juice to share…either way, I was eager to see what was on his mind.


U coming to the reunion

No.  You?


He paused for a moment before continuing.

I miss you.

Upon reading those words I nearly lost myself in a fit of tears.  While I know Ty loves and misses me immensely (we’ve never been apart like we are now and we’re adjusting lol), he never says it unless prompted.  With the threat of workplace embarrassment looming over my shoulder at the appearance of tears, I somehow managed to suck it up and move past it.

Aww I miss you too baby bro.  Are you gonna come visit me?



I’m working on it.

Your bday.

Since that conversation I’ve been pondering Ty’s and mine’s relationship.  We’ve always been pretty close except for that awkward period of adolescence and now that we’ve finally gained equal footing in adulthood, we’ve settled into a comfortable rhythm that will most likely carry us for the rest of our lives.

It was during my reflection of our relationship that I realized Ty is my nearest, and dearest, of all my closest friends.  Ty is my first best friend; he held me down before I ever knew what those words even meant.  While I may not share quite EVERYTHING with him, I understand that within him lies unconditional love for his big sister.  As for me, Ty understands that I am always here for him and will do what I can to help him succeed in whatever he chooses.

I recognize for many of us who have siblings in this capacity, we are incredibly blessed.  For many of us, our siblings are indeed our ride or die partners in life, our very best friends.


One thought on “Who Was Your First Best Friend?

  1. aww, this was sweet cousin 🙂

    Reading this post made some feelings come out of me too. Unlike many of the people in my life, I never had the luxury of having a close sibling relationship. With me being my mothers only child and having a half brother who was raised by his mother in another state, I never got to experience that. So be thankful that you have an unconditional love that you and your brother share. ( I strongly believe that family relationships are the foundation of the rest of the relationships, or lack thereof, that you will experience throughout your lifetime.) I wish I had that sibling connection 🙂

    My first best friend was LaVina Hunt at like 5 or 6 years old. We were neighbors in Dayton View, we lived across the street from each other on Superior. Of course life took us in different directions, but since then we have reconnected. I saw her for the first time in 8 years this past April. And it was like we had NEVER lost a moment together, the 8 years that passed meant nothing when we saw each other. We had THEE longest hug and cried and just caught up on everything. She now lives in LA and even though we dont talk everyday, we still have a connection that is unmatched! True friendship withstands the test of time, distance, life changes, and everything else.

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