“Everybody Can Tell You How To Do It; They Never Did It”

In the next few months I have a self-imposed deadline that I’m fighting religiously to maintain.  What is this deadline you ask?

Am I gonna get the heck outta Dodge or stay my behind put?  And what am I gonna be doing once I figure out where I’m gonna be?

Lol…pressure maybe?  Perhaps.

When I moved over a year ago, there were a few common trends I began noticing about the culture up here…trends I’m trying to avoid.  First, the people here all take on a weary, more mature look.  I blame it on the daily grind.  The NYC grind is unlike any other you will experience in your life that I went into extensive detail here.  Secondly, people will get so comfortable with their routine that they will look up and one year has turned into five, spent in the same apartment at the same job doing the same thing.  Personal development and upward mobility easily takes a position on the backburner while convenience and ease takes priority.  You get comfortable.

I’m not trying to let myself get comfortable.  I’m trying to see what else is out here and explore my options.  What I’ve been getting hung up on is all of the options.  Up here you realize how many options you really have.  For every option you have a few different networks to tap into.  How on earth do you decide?  I could be a writer, get into PR, become a glorified paralegal, do sales, get into marketing….

And that’s only if I stay here.  If I move though?  To avoid the weary, hagard look and pursue new life experiences?  The possibilities and options…oh my gosh…

I’m going to continue to pray and I know that God will direct my steps.

Folks of course ask, “Ashley, so what’s next?  Where are you about to go….oh, you’re not sure yet?  Well, one thing I think you should consider is…”

I sit and listen politely, while in my head repeats the Jay Z line, “Everybody can tell you how to do it but they never did it.”


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